Celebrate YELLOW

I’ve been stock-piling projects to share but just haven’t had time to blog about them. Then last week I noticed that they all had one thing in common: YELLOW.
Yes! I love the color YELLOW (and a little gray too). So I made a rash, impromptu decision and decided….let’s:
This won’t be as full-blown as the other CELEBRATE series (though have no fear, Celebrate the BOY is coming back in February with the Made maids). But here’s how it will work…

There’ll be lots of yellow love passed around:
* Clothing ideas
* Tutorials
* Home Improvements
* Guest bloggers
* Giveaways
* Recipes
I’m not sure how long it’ll last; definitely two weeks but maybe longer? I’ll just keep Yellow-ing till I run out of ideas. But count on daily blog posts to inspire your passion for yellow as well.

As we celebrate, I’ll be archiving all posts in the Celebrate Yellow section. You can find this in the CELEBRATE link under the blog header, or by clicking the button on the top right.

If you’d like to join the party, grab a YELLOW button! We’ve got three version to choose from. Grab them here or over in the right sidebar. (make sure you copy the entire code in the box, then paste it into an html widget to your blog)

And lastly….if there’s something YELLOW that YOU’ve made, I’ve started:
Click on the flickr words above and please add any of your yellow-inspired creations, not necessarily inspired by a MADE tutorial or pattern, to the group! I’ll do a round-up post of my favorite photos sometime during our Celebration. Of course, you can always add your other items to the YOU MADE IT flickr group. You’ll always find the Yellow Flickr Group in the Celebrate YELLOW archives.

Okay, let the party begin!

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