2 new patterns every month

How much do you love sewing patterns??
How often are you asking for new ones?
How many cute fabrics do you have, just waiting for the right project?
the Sew What Club
join the Sew What Club
Guys, this is really exciting.
There’s a new sewing pattern club called the SEW WHAT CLUB, and it’s a fun new way to get the newest patterns from your favorite designers right in your in inbox every month—patterns that you can’t get anywhere else.

sewing patterns every month
The club is made of a fantastic group of designers, and a fantastic group of sewers—like YOU.  I’m excited we can all be part of it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.51.17 PM

Here’s it works:
• Sign up for the club.
• Choose either children’s or women’s pattern….or you can do both!
• Every month with the children’s pattern option you will be sent two downloadable PDF patterns, one on the first of the month and one on the fifteenth. One pattern is from Kelly Crawford of Sewing In No Mans Land and the other pattern is from a featured guest designer (like myself or one of the fantastic women from the websites above).
• Every month with the women’s pattern option, you will be sent an exclusive pattern created by either Kelly or one of the guest designers (sizing information is available on the website)

womens sewing patterns every month

I’m dying over that dress on Kelly.  Isn’t she stunning?
And that fabric??
And that pattern?!
I might need the women’s patterns along with the kids.

Okay.  Ready to sew?
To celebrate the launch of the club, membership rates are on special discount for the first week. SCORE.
its the Sew What Club
So head over and join the club.
Who said life gives you lemons?….it’s raining patterns!
join the Club for new patterns every month


  1. Commit to buy two patterns every month, sight unseen, that may or may not appeal to me or my child and may or may not even fit/flatter? Um, no thanks. Sounds great for the pattern maker/blogger, not so great for the sewer, no matter how you spin it. I’d rather purchase a pattern I know I want and will make.

    • Christina,

      I can totally see why you might be wary. The patterns are actually not sight unseen though. You can preview them at the beginning of the month and decide if you want to subscribe that month. The only, I guess you could say, “risky” membership is the the yearly one because the previews are only available at the beginning of each month. For someone who likes to collect patterns for later, that might be a great option. It sounds like you might appreciate a monthly membership though. All you have to do is go to the site, click on the patterns tab on the top left, and then preview what to expect for the month. Then you pay $7.50 for the children’s pattern and $6 for women’s. That is a STEAL if you ask me. Even one children’s pattern often costs $7.50 or more, and you are getting two for that price. Same with the women’s pattern. Most women’s patterns cost more than $10, but you get it at $6 for the month. If it still just isn’t for you, I totally appreciate that. I thought I would just try to clear up any misconceptions and alleviate concerns in case you might be interested later. 🙂 🙂

      -Delia (one of the designers…and I am so sorry for hijacking your comment feed Dana…ha!)

    • 3) darlene

      amen to that … i’d rather purchase a pattern, a tnt, that i know and have seen numerous versions of …. great idea but not for me, either …….

      • 4) darlene

        a couple more things: one, there are NEVER any line drawings of the pattern; just the model … i need a line drawing to see the true drape and look of the pattern …. would be awesome to add them ….
        two, like the lady below said, i can but who wants to enlarge patterns from a woman’s size 12 (probably *regular bust*) to a larger size … and why not girls dresses to size 14?

        not being contentious, just wondering … line drawings, larger sizing ….

        • Darlene,
          We actually have line drawings being mocked up by the wonderfully talented Jen of Genuine Life. We will be sure to include them on the site as soon as they are ready. As far as larger sizing goes I addresssed that in the comment to the lovely lady below. Doing what we can to make it awesome! Thank you so much for your feed back!

          • 6) Heather

            Girls’ sizes ending at 10 and women’s beginning at 2 leaves a gap. Are you addressing that as well as the women’s plus sizes?

    • So sorry we weren’t more clear on the sight unseen part. We wanted to make sure to creat patterns that are fitting to the season and on trend so we thought it would be better to let the designers create the patterns through out the year instead of trying to guess next spring what the big trend is. Hopefully we can create a pattern that brings you back to give us a second look. Happy sewing!

      • 8) Dana

        I believe the girl sizes end at 16…at least this is what is posted on the FAQ on the website.

        • 9) Heather

          Yes, the faqs have a size chart going to size 16 but both of July’s patterns say they go to size 10.

  2. 10) Molly

    Love the idea, but I’m worried all the kids patterns would be for girls, and I only have boys. Women’s patterns is tempting, but I hardly make time to sew for myself. But something I’ll definitely keep in mind in the future!

    • Oh man, Molly I totally understand. I thought long and hard about this. Should we garuntee a boys pattern every month? But as I am sure you are well awarer coming up with original patterns for boys is h-a-r-d. I really hope some awesome boy patterns come of this and hopefully you can join us for that month! Thanks so much for keeping us in mind and happy sewing!!

    • 12) Dana

      Molly, if all goes as planned, my pattern (which should be in October) will work for boys and girls!

  3. 13) Deborah

    I am plus size. Although I know how to enlarge patterns, increasing a size 12 to a 22/24 is a bit too much. In the future, please consider plus size sewers, and I will join your club on a monthly basis.

    • Deborah,
      Absolutely! We are actually working with a specific pattern grader next month to see if we can’t get these patterns to work for EVERY shape and size 🙂

  4. I definitely can’t commit to two patterns every month for a year, but I love that you can just pay by the month after you preview them! This month’s patterns are so adorable that I just had to buy them. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Dana,
    Thank you so much for your post!! We are on cloud nine that the launch has finally happened and we are so excited to see your sure to be amazing pattern!

  6. 17) April

    I just signed up. I love to support small businesses for a small fee. I am already happy with the first pattern. 🙂

  7. Aaww… I loved the dress Kelly wore so much I was ready to sign up.. but I hate getting my card for anything online. Please consider accepting Paypal payments!!

    • We totally hear you Annelie! Paypal will be up and accepting payment with in the next few days 🙂 They had a longer waiting perios then we had anticipated for new businesses to clear. Ekk! So sorry for any incovenience.

  8. 20) Cari

    I am seriously so excited about this!! I kinda like the idea of the patterns being sort of a ‘surprise’. I think it could really help me step out of my comfort zone. If there is a pattern that would normally not be my cup of tea, it will help me stretch my skills and imagination to make the pattern my own. It also helps that a handful of my favorite designers are involved in the project.

    • 21) Dana

      That’s the perfect excitement about it all!
      I think it sounds thrilling and helpful too 🙂

  9. 22) Susan

    Do you know if the children patterns are for girls only?
    I’d be interested in the monthly patterns if there is boy pattern included too, one for a girl, one for a boy.

  10. 23) Amy Huff

    I think this is an awesome deal, and I’m sure I will collect quite a few patterns this year! Thanks!

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