2 carseat covers; 2 days

It’s been a productive couple of days. And I’ve been up to my arms in Carseat Covers; one for a friend and one for my cousin Rachael. I am in love with this muted-gold fabric she chose. It’s made by Heather Bailey and you can find it here. Shanell has classy taste, so it’s no wonder she’d pick a gorgeous print. When it was done, it just looked pretty to me:
With the buttery yellow canopy over-head, I just wanted to cozy-up in there and take a nap. I hope her niece will feel the same.

And for Rachael’s baby boy-to-be, it was vintage cowboy.

I often don’t care about the underneath fabric of the carseat cover, since no one really sees it. But this time around Rachael chose a red and white polka dot print for the under side…..and I just smiled each time I caught a glimpse of it. Weird? Maybe. Kind of like wearing a hot pink bra when you’re 14….even though no body knows or cares?
All in all, I thought the color combo turned out cute; with red accents adding a fun element. This cowboy has a great ride ahead of him.
It was a whirlwind making two covers in two days, so I’ll be taking a break for a bit. And I’m sorry to customers who have inquired about custom carseat covers. I decided last month that life is too busy right now for out-of-state orders. Shipping, coordinating, etc. takes much more time than working with a customer locally. I’ll probably continue doing local orders for the time being but who knows what the future holds.
It’s always rewarding though to finish the project, tuck it on and around that carseat and think of the cute little babe that will be resting inside. Sweet.

  1. 1) Tia

    Do you have a tutorial or pattern for this or where did you find one? I don’t have a carseat to follow. Thanks hon!

    • 2) Dana

      Sorry I don’t have a pattern at this time. I used my old cover as the pattern.

  2. 3) Amy H

    I was wondering where I might be able to find a retro cowboy fabric you used on your friend Rachel’s baby boy car seat? I’ve been searching high and low, and just thought I would ask to see if it was something easy that I could order online. Thank you, Amy

    • 4) Dana

      Oh man, that was so long ago, can’t remember. It was probably one of the big names….like Michael Miller or Robert Kaufman

  3. 5) Katie

    I was wondering…do you just use the old padding? Or do you buy new when you make the covers?

    • 6) Dana

      Yes, I buy new padding (quilt batting) when I make the new covers.

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