101 Snappy Fashions, Tulip Snapsuit, and Cathie Filian

What’s in your Easter basket this year?
A snappy cool book like this? It could be!

I was recently introduced to a fabulous book that’s coming out next month called: 101 Snappy Fashions. Written and created by Cathie Filian (host of 2 HGTV and DIY Network shows, author of 2 other books, and craft extraordinaire. Yea, she’s crafty).
And though it’s not released yet, there’s a chance you could win one from Cathie’s blog.

And trust me…..

* if you’re having a baby soon
* if you just had a baby
* if you need a gift for a baby shower
* if you like simplified (yet detailed) info on craft techniques
* if you like colorful fun pics

then you want this book. That’s it. Bottom line.

So what’s so snappy about it?

only 100 (and 1) different ways to make a snapsuit (or onesie) look totally cool! Cathie lays the book out so well. There are 10 different chapters, each focusing on the basics of embellishing a simple snapsuit. And what do you know….she starts out with Fabric Dyeing! I’ve already made note of her techniques to add with my own. Cathie is full of great info.
Want to peek inside? Let me show you a few of my favorites…..

Where are you?
Another take on the onesie/tie look. This one is more 3 dimension which i love. Feels like a real tie on there:
For the dainty lass. It’s called: Prim. Perfectly sweet:
On the flip side, how about Glitter, skulls, and a very cool way to say Happy Birthday?
Of course if you’re just a sucker for cute baby photos, there’s plenty of that in there too:
And to really put 101 Snappy Fashions to the test, I tried out one of her projects! First I dyed a snapsuit, using info in the book and also my Easy Fabric Dyeing tutorial. This time around I used Dylon brand dye. Worked great! And though the color is called Flamingo Pink, I would have named it Watermelon Hubba Bubba:
With my watermelon-colored snapsuit, I used her pattern for making Tulips out of felt. So springy and happy:
To close off the book, Cathie even gives great ideas on throwing a Snapsuit Shower. How fun does that sound?!
Ready to start creating? I’ve got one more treat for you…

Cathie is a busy lady. Not only does she simply love crafting, but it’s more than a full-time job for her (with TV shows, books, and blogging). And I’m always curious to know how other women do it. So, I asked Cathie some questions!
Your book concept is just brilliant. It’s simple, accessible to any level of crafter, and very well executed. How did you come up with it? Did you have an overload of baby showers to attend one year?

It does seem like babies are booming! Everywhere I turn, I see a stroller. I came up with the concept of “101 Snappy Fashions” because I wanted to come up with easy projects that new parents could do for their little ones. I tossed around ideas for nursery crafts, toys, and natural foods. I settled on altering baby snapsuits because the snapsuits seemed like the perfect canvas. You can pick them up for under $2.00 and with a little “creative know how” they can be customized into little couture creations.

What is your favorite method for “jazzing” up a Snapsuit? (and btw, the name Snapsuit is just too cute.)

Cathie: Ohhh – that is a tough one! I love all the methods. For beginners, I think simple dyeing and using store bought iron-ons is perfect. I personally love appliqué. With the plethora of fabulous fabrics available you can really add tons of personality to a snapsuit with just a scrap of fabric. The appliqué can be done by machine or by hand stitching. For the stitch challenged, I have also included a technique for appliquéing with a painted edge.

Do you have formal sewing training or are you a “learn as you go” kinda lady?

Cathie: I do have formal training although I am a “stitch and go” kind of girl. I have a degree in Textile Science and Fashion Design and began my career doing costumes for film and television for 10 years. I design projects that are user friendly – so I always try to keep it simple, quick and fun.

Though my blog MADE features sewing and craft creations, some people are amazed that more time goes into my blogging and photo editing than the actual creation of projects. So, how often during the week are you sewing/creating/trying out new ideas? What’s the ratio of “craft time” to “computer time”?

Cathie: I craft everyday! It truly is a full time job for me. I love blogging and I feel like my blog is a craft (creation) too. I know what you mean about photo editing etc. It takes time! I begin my workday at 6:00 am from my home studio. I usually work in P.J.’s with coffee in hand and a radio or TV on in the background. I split my time designing new craft projects, working on my new product lines, pitching TV shows, blogging and writing books. Everything I do is tied to a computer – the pictures, the instructions, social media and emails. I am never far from the internet.

What kind of projects will we find on your shows Creative Juice and Witch Crafts, featured on HGTV and the DIY networks?

Cathie: We do just about every kind of craft project under the sun. Our motto is Make It, Bake It and Cocktail Shake It. We have done over 100 episodes of crafty fun and have been nominated for 2 Daytime emmys. We are working on a new show and I can’t wait to spill the beans on the news. Details soon.

Tell us about the cool contest happening on your blog….

To celebrate the release of 101 Snappy Fashions, I decided to offer a 10-week giveaway of crafty goodies. Each week is themed to a chapter with peeks at projects from the book. Readers can enter to win a signed copy of the book and lots of great craft products. Winners will be able to begin altering a snapsuit from the moment they open their box.

Find out about all the 101 Snappy posts and contests here. Look at what you could win THIS week:
Thank you Cathie for sharing your thoughts. And more importantly, for sharing your expertise and books! Check out Cathie’s blog for current and upcoming book giveaways. And when April rolls around, head over to Barnes and Noble or amazon.com to purchase your 101 Snappy Fashions copy!

Happy Snapsuiting.

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