1, 2, 3 months

Last week Clara hit the 3 month mark.

And she’s showing so much more personality…..smiling, cooing, “talking”, and drooling everywhere.

It’s amazing how much can happen in 3 short months.  And how different she can be from her siblings.  She has more rolls on her legs, chubbier cheeks,  and the hair!….I’m still not used to the hair!  Strawberry blonde is definitely growing in at the root.

Read about each month here:
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  1. 1) Hannah

    You are so blessed and lucky to have this sweet baby girl! I wish the best for you and your growing family!

  2. 2) Shantel

    She is so cute! Now I am definitely baby hungry….Ack!

  3. 3) Eva Scott

    Oh goodness!!!! So cute!!!

  4. 4) Leslie

    Makes my heart feel so good to see that sweet little smile!

  5. LOVING your monthly Clara updates! I stole your idea for the month by month pictures! My Clara hits two months next week, and I love to see what your Clara is doing so I can look forward to it! I love the little swirl of hair she has! What a cutie-patootie!

  6. 9) bdaiss

    Oh she looks like she has such a personality! (I will say, better you than me. I’ve officially hit the “let me spoil that baby in love…and then give it back to you” phase.)

  7. 10) Leigh Anne

    That curl on the top of her head is adorbs! Love the progressive pics….so fun to see how she is changing. Love the rolls too! I was just lamenting this fact the other day: baby rolls are so sweet & squishy, rolls on myself…..ummmmm, not so much! haha!! 🙂

  8. She’s a beautiful girl. I LOVE that you update every month and show the photos of her from previous months so we can see how much she is changing. She has such a personality that’s evident even from photos

  9. 12) LucyL

    She is such a cutie! Love your Clara update every month 🙂

  10. My mom used to do us up in the Kewpie doll hairdo when we were babies, too! I would have done it with my little girl, but she was born with a TON of dark hair, too much for the little curly q!

  11. 14) Sara

    I love her

  12. 15) Mary

    She’s so cute, love her hair. Can’t wait too meet my new baby girl in about 3 months.

  13. Love the one two three picture!! Such sweet pictures! It is amazing how fast those little munchkins grow up!

  14. Ooooh! She’s just SO adorable! I love the close up eye picture! 😀

  15. 19) Emily

    My son is only a couple weeks behind and I’m glad to know she’s drooling and bubbling as much as he is!!!! They are so precious at this age!!! Dying over the hair! and ROLLS!

  16. Love her curl! Happy 3 months sweet Clara. 🙂

  17. I’m rooting for the strawberry blonde to come and stay!!! 🙂

  18. She is so cute!! Makes me want another one. Ok, maybe not, but almost. 🙂

  19. 24) Joy

    Absolute. DOLL! Ooo I need some grandkids!

  20. 25) Melissa

    These pictures make me want another tiny human. She’s adorable!

  21. 27) Hannah

    She’s beautiful!! Gorgeous big blue eyes and that curl is too cute! My little Ebony has just turned 1 month and I’ve stolen your photo a month idea 😉

  22. Yay for Strawberry Blondes! (I’m just a teeny-tiny disappointed that the strawberry blonde grew out and was replaced with blonde on my little girl.)

  23. 29) katherine

    Such a delight to love on her for a few minutes today! I can’t believe how fast the time is flying…

  24. 30) Brandi

    She is so cute I can hardly stand it!

  25. she is so adorable! those strawberry locks are to die for 😉

  26. 32) sara

    Great photos.

  27. Count your blessings, dana! She is amazing.
    I see so much of her brother in her little face…?

  28. 34) Kelly

    Oh my god…. She is…so so so so soooooooooo….. PRETTY!!!!!! And CUTE!!

  29. Happy 3rd month Clara! I like looking at her changings!
    Have a good w-end!

  30. 38) Kristi Powell

    Oh! She’s so cute I could just eat her up!!! (not literally…we say stuff like that here in the south…”just wanna’ bite her”, “wanna’ eat her up”, etc…like a sweet treat, ya’ know?)Precious!! Thanks for sharing. I remember when my boys and grandson were that little. They grow too fast!!

  31. What an adorable baby girl!!! You are truly blessed!

  32. 40) Sophie

    Elle est de plus en plus mignonne!!! J’adore!!

  33. 41) Sally P

    I have a strawberry blonde. He’s 3 years old now and I keep thinking it’s going to darken to brown but nope. He has the personality to go with it and we love every bit of him. Enjoy!

  34. 42) Allison

    She’s so cute she looks like a little Gerber baby! 🙂 and that big gummy grin is just heart melting. I wish y’all lived closer because my little man is only 2wks younger than Clara and I’m sure they would be great friends :p lol. Honestly though, you’re babies are gorgeous.

  35. She’s sooo pretty, and your pics are amazing! I’m lzy at commenting, but gotta say it’s so wonderful to see her grow every month <3

  36. 45) Sydney

    She is beautiful! Her hair color and skin tone are perfect match and that personality….such a little doll!

  37. Look at that perfect curl you combed her hair in. The classic baby swoop. Love it, she is so different looking now! Love those first smiles. I always am amazed at the wonders that God makes, and watching a baby grow is surely one of the best.

  38. 47) Katie kortman

    Hey dana! Your daughter is seriously adorable! I love her strawberry hair! Hope you are all doingwell! I can’t believe how good you look for having such a young baby!

  39. 48) Wendi B

    Seriously Dana. She’s adorable. LOVE her strawberry blonde! She totally has way more hair than Griffin… and he just turned a year. Funny babies:)

  40. 49) Katie

    I love the little mowhawk she has.

  41. 50) Naomi

    She is sooooo adorable! Love the hair!

  42. 51) Kam

    um her eyes!

  43. You make such beautiful children dana!

  44. Congrats, she is adorable and I love the age progression photo!!! I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve stopped by 🙂

  45. 54) Laura * Suman

    i am so excited to meet her!!! tell her to stop growing until after she visits here.

  46. Hach… she is so cute. And her hair… and her eyes…

  47. She is the sweeeetest!! And your photographs are just fabulous. 🙂

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