PATTERN: Rollie Pollie, bean bag chair

Looking for hours of entertainment?
Meet, The Rollie Pollie:
It’s a chair, it’s a toy, it’s your favorite pillow.

Made of durable cotton twill or soft vinyl, each bag is actually a slip cover (with another Rollie Pollie inside) then filled with mounds and mounds of soft cluster stuffing. So if it gets dirty, just zip it off and throw it in the wash. And with a handle on top, it’s easy to toss around. Ready for a pillow fight? We’ll let dad referee.

Now, pick your favorite….
And let’s get started!

This PDF pattern is very detail-oriented, sharing with you all our favorite tips and info about how to make the Rollie Pollie perfect for YOU.

The pattern comes in TWO sizes (both are included in the pattern):
Small – best for 1-2 year old Toddlers
Large – best for 2-6 year olds (girl pictured above in white dress is 5 years old)

Finished dimensions: (from one side of the rollie, half-way around, in a semi circle to the other side)
Small – 38 x 38 inches
Large – 50 x 50 inches

Note: Pattern pieces are symmetrical and can be enlarged if needed to accommodate older children. You will do this on your own (pattern pieces are only provided for the two sizes listed) but it’s really just a matter of extending each piece, equal distances. Brief information on this included in the pattern.

Fabric/Stuffing needs are explained in the pattern but just to give you an overview, you will need appx:
2-4 yards of fabric for the Insert Rollie Pollie (cost varies depending where you buy fabric)
2-4 yards of fabric for the Slip Cover Rollie Pollie
4-10 bags of stuffing or other filling.

* The cost of filling is totally up to you–it can be as inexpensive or pricey as you want, depending on what you choose. In the pattern I recommend Cluster Stuff (currently sold at Hobby Lobby–Walmart no longer carries it) for about $4/bag.
But here are other filling ideas:
– Use standard poly batting. This will make it soft like a pillow.
– Buy a cheap premade beanbag from Walmart or Kmart for about $15 and use the little beads inside for your much cuter, handmade rollie pollie.
– Use shredded foam (purchased online at Amazon or at Joanns – though it can be pricey at $4.50/bag. You could buy them one at time with coupons).
– Use whatever you have on-hand….some old pillow fillings? blankets? stuffed animals? A reader recommended these. She said they use their Rollie Pollie for storing things too. Great idea!

Included in the pattern are:
* Easy-to-follow instructions for the intermediate sewer
* Beautiful colored photos
* Tons of info about Fabric selection, sewing with zippers, and filling
* Links and info about where to buy the right stuffing for your Rollie Pollie
* How-to make an Insert Rollie Pollie and a slip-cover to go over it (easy to wash!)
* Instructions on a variety of style choices for the Handle
* TWO different Child’s Pattern sizes to choose from (both are included)
* Patterns and measurements, which can be printed right on your home printer!

Ready to dive in?

This is a 42-page PDF document with sewing instructions and pattern pieces.  This means you download it after payment to your computer. The pattern is not mailed to you. When you open the download pattern link, make sure you save the pdf file to your computer so you always have it for future use!



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Now kick off your shoes:
and relax. You deserve it.
Who said you were a couch potato? I prefer Rollie Pollie, thank you.

All patterns, photos, and information contained in this pattern are the property of Dana Willard and the MADE site. All rights reserved. Reproduction not permitted. Sales of products produced using this pattern must be done by purchasing a Limited Production License. Please email Dana Willard or more info:

The Rollie Pollie pattern Copyright © 2011 Dana Willard. All rights Reserved. Reproduction not permitted.

  1. 1) Lynn Armstrong

    I just wanted to make a comment on these. I made some years ago, and when I could no longer afford the stuffing, I started putting my plastic grocery sacks in there. It sounds weird, but whenever we need one for a trash liner, or whatever, we just unzip it and there is it! So it serves a few purposes! We have never had any issues with kids suffocating or anything. The more bags in there, the merrier. They enjoy jumping on it and it’s fun! Thanks for your ideas!

  2. I love these! I just blogged about my daughters room ( and can’t wait to make one of these for her reading nook. The plastic bag idea sounds interesting…I might go price out the filling just so I can see if it is an option I’d want to try : ). Thanks for such an amazing blog and good luck with your upcoming birth.


  3. 3) Leonne

    I just sewed my first zipper thanks to you! I’m still a beginner. I’ve made simple skirts and pillowcases. The pattern has been really easy to follow. Thank you so much!

  4. Hello I was wondering if you knew how to make these in an adult size it would be pretty for my husband to sit on while playing Xbox.

  5. 6) Andrea

    These will be fantastic in my kids rooms once their loft beds are finished. They will have little reading nooks underneath… Yay! They have cheapie-walmart bean bags (boring!!). I’ve looked at other homemade beanbag tutes, but this is my fav! I will be on the lookout for orange stripe fabric like the one in the photo too for my BOY!

  6. Such a fun pattern! Can’t wait to try it. Where did the yellow stripe fabric come from?? That is awesome!

    • 8) Dana

      all the fabrics here (except the white vinyl) are from IKEA :)

  7. 9) Kristine

    Any special stitching required to make these? I have a really old sewing machine (it was my grandmother’s) and would love to try making these.

    • 10) Dana

      Nope, just a standard straight stitch….and you’ll be putting a zipper in too, but you just need a straight stitch for that too.

  8. 11) Rochelle

    Hello, I love these! I will order the pattern. I love the stripes and how the direction of the stripes is different on the sides. I’m curious – do you think this would work with a chevron fabric or would that be too busy?

    • 12) Karlee

      I’m thinking of trying chevron too. Did you try it?

  9. I am making one soon for my sewing room – playroom and found a human size bag of packing peanuts for $18. That would surely fill the Rollie pollie. That’s how I’ll be going. Just google and you’ll find a number of venders for them. Happy sewing.

    • How did the packing peanuts turn out? I’m thinkng of going that route?

  10. 17) Mary

    GUYS DONT BE AFRAID OF zippers they really are not that hard these bags are lovely and universal….if you mess up the zipper try again…thats the joy of it do it till its right. GOD bless you all

  11. 18) Melissa

    I love the idea to fill these with plastic bags. If you do that though, do you forgo the inner lining? Does that compromise the shape of the bag?

  12. 19) Stephanie

    How cool are these! I absolutely love them! Dana have you ever thought about selling these?!

  13. 20) Alison Harding


    could you tell me if you would be prepared to post the pattern to England? I have been searching for a beanbag pattern for ages and this looks brilliant!!!

    Many thanks

  14. 21) Lauren

    How many bags of cluster stuff did the large take?

    • 24) Danielle

      Hi, I know its been over a year, but do you know how many pounds you used, for which size?


  15. 25) Petra Lopez

    Super excited to get this pattern and sew my two kiddos their own cool Rollie Pollies…they will be Christmas gifts for sure…what a great way to surprise them Christmas morning…Thank you Dana for this awesome tutorial and pattern, hats off to you and your MADE!!

    P.S. also will be making your circle skirt for my daughter, again, Thank You for a great tutorial and pattern!

  16. Love, love, love these!!! We’re making them for our five daughters for Christmas. You mention using the filling from a cheap bean bag sold at Walmart. For anyone considering that route, Walmart is now selling bags of bean bag refill. My local Walmart has bags big enough to fill one of these with a bit left over for about $12. And I know they sell some different types online, too. Just FYI to give you another way to fill that may be economical!

  17. 27) Evie

    I bought this pattern today and spent ages printing it out and trying to stick all the pieces together – not easy when then pieces don’t line up very well and printed on A4 paper. I then cut out all my fabric pieces and have spent some time tonight sewing together the fours sides of the inner rp. Now that they’re all stitched together I find that the circles I’ve cut out of fabric are way too small. I’m using the large pattern for sides and circles and followed the pattern instructions to the letter. Not sure what I’ve done wrong. There’s no mention of seam allowance so maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong. Maybe my seam allowance is too small. Has anyone else had problems with this?

    • 28) Dana

      Hi I’m sorry about that. It does print slightly differently when printing on other standard paper size.
      The seam allowance is a 1/2 inch.

      But don’t fret on the circles…you can still get them to match up if the top circle is larger than the hole it will fill. Just evenly pin the circle to the rollie pollie body, with bits of the circle hanging off the edge all the way around. You can trim the excess that’s hanging off and sew it in place, or sew the circle on and trim after.
      Sorry for the frustration.
      I hope that helps!

    • 29) Marj

      Hi Evie, I had the same issue with my circles being almost 2 inches too small. I used the larger pattern too. Might cut out the circles adding an extra 1 inch to the circumference.

  18. 30) Michelle Dulin

    Hey there. Love your rollie pollie. How would I make it into an adult size one?

  19. 31) Jessica

    I recently bought your pattern to make Rollie Pollie for my kids. I was wondering if you’d ever made an adult size? If so, how much did you extend each side? I am making three large ones for my 2, 3, and almost 5 year old. But I want to make even bigger ones for my 10 and 13 year olds. I was thinking of extending it 4 inches on each side, but wasn’t sure if that would be enough or too much. I’m the process of making these now, so would appreciate a quick response! TYVM!

    • 32) Dana

      I’ve actually never tried an adult one. But I would just stay true to the shape of the pattern pieces and extend them bigger all around.

  20. 33) Kylie Rufenacht

    I ordered this pattern from you a couple of weeks ago using PayPal. I was able to downlooad the pattern but am unable to locate it on my computer. My husband apparently deleted the email that contained information about it. Anyway for me to get another copy of it? Please let me know if you need any other information to verify this.. thanks!

  21. 34) Kylie Rufenacht

    I just looked at my recent history and I ordered it on Nov. 23rd. if that helps.

  22. 35) Angie

    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful pattern! Before October I had never touched a sewing machine but I took a sewing class and was hooked. I had. I had no trouble following the instructions. For Christmas I made my 4 yr. old a Rollie Pollie using some fantastic superhero word fabric. I couldn’t locate Cluster Stuff so I used craft store coupons to buy two 20 lb bags of polyester fiber fill. I filled the entire chair for less than $25. It is soft and comfy. It is adorable and perfect for the kid who can’t sit still. He loves to climb, roll, bounce, and even occasionally sit on it.

  23. 36) Mary

    You are so incredibly talented.

    I do not have an ounce of sewing ability. Would you possibly make two adult sized bags for me? I would pay you for material and labour. I would just need the covers and I would fill them myself. I love the black material and the five coloured multistripe.

    Please email me at

    Thanks :)

  24. 37) Shannon

    Hi Dana,
    I know you must be pretty busy! But I keep leaving messages in the hopes you or your a team member will respond. I have been trying to find fabric to make my children bean bags. However, until now I have not found any I like. That is until I saw the Rollie police design with the grayish purple fabric with the white flower heads. Please could you let me know where I can find it or if I can buy some from you.
    Thank you!

    • 38) Beth

      If you haven’t seen them, Dwell Home has nice patterns.

    • 39) Shannon

      She states that all the fabric for her Rollie pollies was purchased at IKEA. Except for the white which is a vinyl. Hope that helps!

  25. Oh, I love your poufs – how fun are those?? I just had to link this to my poufs post too today, for inspiration!

  26. 41) Beth

    I bought the pattern some time ago and am working on it now. My sensible self tells me to chill out, I am not building a piano, here. But my nervous and unskilled-in-the-sewing-department-self really wanted to know the seam allowances. Might be a helpful addition to the tutorial for us type-As! I used 5/8″ on most parts, but the handle I used 1/2 inch.

    How in the world did you top-stitch the last circle piece? I’ve saved that to do this evening.

    It’s turning out very cool, but somehow bigger than I expected. Oh, no, I am not complaining about having a bigger pouf that we can all flop on! But, I think I may make a smaller companion for our “demure” playroom.

    Finally – the rest of you are undoubtedly smarter and more experienced than I, but thought I’d pass on a lesson learned…. 10# of fiber-fill doesn’t work – it’s both too fluffy and too compactable… The pouf stands there completely inflated, looking a little awkward in our small home, and then, it looks like it would be a great flop, but then my tucchus immediately hits the floor. I’ve got 10 bags of Clusterstuff on order from Walmart… seems to be the option that also gets the best reviews online. I am hoping to finish #1 soon, and move on to the next!

    • Gave giant super fluffy pouf to kids today and they loved it! Both girls (2and 3) gave him a smooch goodnight. They really loved him!

  27. 43) Charl

    I want to order this pattern, but I need some info first. How can my computer possibly print out those large pattern pieces? Are they printed out in sections to be put together?

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  29. 46) amanda

    I need help can anyone tell me how long my zipper has to be on the large rollie pollie?

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  31. 48) michelle frasher

    I want to order from u but do not want to use papal. Is there anyway I can

  32. 49) Stay@homemama

    Thanks for the idea! I made one for my 3 year old out of his swaddle blankets, it turned out larger than I expected. Best part is I made one of the squares with an envelope style opening so I can stuff & unstuff it with my unused blankets.

  33. 50) Lynn

    how much of the cluster stuff did you use for one large rollie pollie?

  34. Hi, I do think this is an excellent blog.
    I stumbledupon it 😉 I am going to come back once again since i have book marked it.
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  35. 52) Shannon

    Okay, I just made the lining for one of these. I wanted an adult size so I extended 2 inches on the sides. This thing is ENORMOUS! Filling it is going to cost a small fortune but I think it will be well worth it. Instead of trying to sew the lining shut with all the filling in it, I decided to sew a zipper in the lining as well as the cover. This way I can easily add or remove stuffing if needed too. To get a feel for how big it’s going to be I filled it with some of my daughters huge stuffed animal collection. I can not believe how many fit in there!

    • 53) Shannon

      Update – I made 2 (liners only) of these enlarged 2 inches as stated before. I would suggest if you want to go larger, 1 inch should be fine. I had to take apart and re-sew after cutting an inch off. These things were so huge that they would have taken up way too much room and been way too heavy. I only used stuffed animals to see what size they would be so far but it’s just wasn’t going to work. My stuffing is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I went for shredded foam and bean bag chair refill pellets from here.
      They were the cheapest I could find and FREE SHIPPING!

      • 54) Steffanie

        Hey Shannon! How much shredded foam did you need for your large ones?

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  37. 56) Lynda Kennedy

    Hi Dana
    I have made a few rollie pollie beanbags and given them away as gifts. Because of this I have had enquiries to make more which people want to pay for is there a licence that I can purchase which gives me permission to make and sell these beanbags
    cheers lynda

  38. 57) Jenn

    I love these. We have an old beanbag chair that was given to us, the vinyl it was made from isn’t particularly durable with a toddler around. I’m hoping to make one of your Rollie Pollies to replace it. What do you think about using canvas? You can usually get canvas drop cloths for cheap at Harbor Freight, it seems like an economical way to get fabric, and I can use bright thread colors with it, and even applique something fun. Just wondered what you thought.

  39. 58) Cindy

    Are these pieces square or round

    • 59) Dana

      the top and bottom are round. The sides are curved. So it ends up looking like a huge ball….like a Rollie Pollie (or potato bug :))

  40. 60) Haley

    Are these still available to buy!?

    • 61) Dana

      I don’t sell the actual bean bags, I just sell the pattern for making your own:

  41. 62) Mary Nelson

    I made two of these a couple of years ago for my daughter’s reading corner (3rd grade classroom). She wanted a Dr. Seuss theme, I found the best selection on the Fat Quarter site. They have pretty much any theme you would want.
    After this much use and many washings the only issue she’s had that one of them is a little hard to take apart and wash (I must have overfilled it a bit).
    I haven’t tried any filling other than the Cluster Stuff so have ordered some from Overstock to make one for a Christmas gift for my year old granddaughter – will probably make the small size. At Overstock you get 11 pound at a significant savings from Amazon’s 1 lb. price.
    I’d love to know if there’s a less expensive option for the Cluster Stuff as I’m sticking with it until I know there’s something better.

  42. 63) Alexandria

    Making these this week. I found pillows from Sam’s club. Each pillow are twin size and only 8.99 for memory foam cubes. Can’t wait to make one for my sweet LO’s 2nd bday ! Thank you for the pattern!

  43. 64) Linsey

    Hi there, I just made two of these, the large size. Super cute. Wanted to let people know to make sure to do the 1/2″ seams. It doesn’t say that anywhere on the pattern. I made the first one not knowing this and my end circles were too small. Also I used canvas (a paint drop cloth) for the inside rollie pollie and it has ripped in a few places so not sure I would use that again. Happy Sewing!

  44. 65) Lynn W

    Help!!! I’ve got all of my pieces cut out and the sides put together. I’m ready to put the circles on but they’re too small!! I don’t have enough fabric to re-cut the circles with an extra inch or so. What do I do??!!! I’ve sewn almost all the way around and have way too much fabric on the sides. That leaves a gap and if I were to sew it closed, it would create a pleat. :( Help me!!

    • 66) Dana

      Sorry to hear that! I’ve never had anyone say it was too small. A couple people have mentioned that their circle was cut too big.
      Have you actually pinned the pieces together? The circle to the sides? Sometimes looks can be deceiving when you’re working with circles and curves.
      If you have pinned them and they still don’t fit….then you may have to get creative. Maybe sew a ring of another fabric around the outside of the circle to make it bigger. It could look really cool. Or cut out new circles from different fabric.
      I hope that helps!

      • 67) Lynn W

        Yes, I pinned and it seemed too small, I began sewing and am coming around to where I started and there’s a gap. :(

        I may just rip the seam and re-pin leaving more of the sides hanging over than the circle.

      • 68) Lynn W

        I found more fabric!! I’m just gonna start over. Ugh. :-/

  45. 69) Keryn

    I made 2 of these for my kids – they are so awesome. Just a note though, I am in New Zealand and print on A4 paper. The pattern comes out pretty skewed – the circle is in no way a circle and the curved bits at the top are the wrong size. My husband and I spent an evening adjusting the pattern and after I sewed the first liner I had to do a bit more adjusting. It was totally worth it though and it just took patience to work it out. We also don’t have cluster stuff in NZ and I wasn’t happy with the cheap alternatives or using bean bag beans (if you put enough beans in to keep the rollie pollie shape, you end up perched on top rather than sinking into it – trust me, I tried it!). So I got some very expensive fill from the local sofa manufacturer – but again it was totally worth it. The instructions were SO easy to follow and I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. Thank you so much!!!

    • 70) Dana

      Oh awesome!
      Thanks for working through the kinks, with the printing issue in your country.
      I’m so happy you pushed through and that you love the result! That’s fantastic!
      Thanks for sharing :)
      – Dana

  46. 71) Kristyn

    Why is cluster stuff no longer available? Is there a different filling that’s similar that you could recommend that won’t flatten with use? Thanks

    • 72) Kristyn

      I forgot to ask also…will home decor fabric work for the cover? It says dry clean only but I could probably wash it right? is that the right kind of fabric? It is a bit too narrow though for the bigger RP, maybe I could just buy more than you recommend. I am having a hard time finding cute medium weight cotton fabric. Thank you!

      • 73) Dana

        Yes, you can use home decor fabric.
        I’m not sure why Cluster Stuff is not being manufactured anymore. You can use a variety of products for the inside though.

  47. 74) Samantha

    I make these for my kids when they turn 2. You can get Cluster Stuff on, just ordered it and I’m having it delivered in 9 days for the next Rollie Pollie. Love this pattern! They get used daily.

  48. 75) Eve Cowen

    Hi there,

    We have boy/girl twin babies, and these are PERFECT for the playroom we’re designing! Is there ANY way we can buy two of these from you (or someone) to make for us? We would of course pay for labor, shipping and materials. We especially love the white vynl one with the red stars and the orange one. I’m just too busy to make these myself because I work full time (as does my husband).

    Hopeful and Grateful,

    • 76) Dana

      Sorry, I only sell the pattern. You could check on for people who take on custom sewing orders.

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