MADE SHADE Sunglasses


I just added something new to the Shop—-MADE Shades!
Exclusive sunglasses in delicious bright coral.


I’ve wanted to do something like this forever….to have a little something that’s super Made Everydayish.  And when Boardwalk Delight fabric released, it seemed like the perfect time.

Cause if you’re like me…I have about 5 pairs of sunglasses in my car, to fit my mood of the day.  And this shade will definitely add a happy pop of color to whatever you’re wearing.


Check out all the details in the SHOP.
Annnnd take a moment to just smile at this bag again (by Anna)
Cause that’s partially the reason for this post….to give my favorite tote a little more air time.
Okay. Be MADE in the SHADE!


Little Dotted Swiss Skirt

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 9
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 2

This summer Clara went to a birthday party for a friend.   And in classic busy-mom-style, I procrastinated finding a gift till the very bitter end.  So I took my own advice and remembered that it’s faster to sew a skirt than drive to the store!  Right??
Pretty much always.
Unless you live next door to Target.
Which…I wish I did.  And wish I didn’t.
Let’s talk about skirts.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 1

I picked out a few fabrics for Clara to choose from.  And for being 4 years old, she’s very opinionated and also very observant.  She notices subtleties in hairstyles, and has pointed out when someone at church wore the same thing two weeks in a row.
Haah. That little Clara.
I knew she would be love picking out fabric.

And deep in my heart I hoped she would pick the same one I would have picked.
And she did!
A beautiful Dotted Swiss fabric, in watermelon pink.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 2a

Perfect decision Clara! (though it was hard to part with.  But I knew it would be perfect for very gathered Simple Skirt)

Dotted Swiss is light-weight, almost like a voile and is such a dreamy fabric.
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 3
In fact, I used some vintage Dotted Swiss for my very first blog post ever….back in 2008.  Oh man, what an old post!  The kids are so young.  And the photos are so bad.
I’m glad we all make improvements over the years.

And I think these simple skirts are improving as well.

This time I made the skirt almost 3 1/2 times her waist-size, which really only worked because the fabric is lightweight.  If the fabric had been thicker, I don’t think I could have gathered it up as much I needed to.  A better option there would be to add a separate waistband, as I’ve done in the Market Skirt (another old post!)  Cause with all this fabric being pushed around, it can be difficult to keep the elastic from twisting.  I actually had to stop 1/2 way through and start over because I could tell the elastic had rolled and twisted.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 4

But good things are worth the effort.
And I LOVVVVVE how it turned out.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 5
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 6
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 7
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 8

So simple.
So sweet.
And again, so hard to part with.
But I know her little friend loved it as much as we did.
She may have made this same crazy Dotted Swiss fabric face.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 10

The best way to keep your skirt wrinkle-free after washing+ drying is to hang it up, spray with water from a squirt bottle, and let it dry over night.  This is my favorite method of “ironing”.

If you’re new to making skirts or want to mix it up a bit, try out these variations as well:


Living in Texas: Happy Fall? Y’all

FLONASE® compensated me in connection with statements made in this post.
Flonase Allergy Relief 20
As much as I’ve been lamenting Summer coming to an end….there’s really nothing as refreshing as that first, cool Fall morning when you realize shorts are no longer an option.
And you run to the store and buy 5 pairs of jeggings as if the apocalypse is coming.
Dude. I do that every year.
Planning ahead is not often my strong suit.
But after a hot Texas summer I’m definitely ready to throw on a pair of jeans, and start dreaming in pumpkin again.
I love to pull out the corn bread recipe and I scheme over Fall crafts and sewing projects (hey, maybe I’m kind of a planner after all.)

Flonase Allergy Relief 3
Flonase Allergy Relief 2
Flonase Allergy Relief 4

Fall is definitely a welcome friend.

Maybe it’s that whole yin-yang of seasons that makes me a little less sad that Summer is coming to a close.

Flonase Allergy Relief 5
Flonase Allergy Relief 6
Flonase Allergy Relief 7

(pumpkin cinnamon rollsspaghetti box feathersmodern leaf pillows)

Of course those cooler temps mean Halloween costumes are right around the corner.

Flonase Allergy Relief 8
Flonase Allergy Relief 9

Along with raking up leaves.

And pretty Harvest Sunsets.
And tangerines.
Oh I love Fall + Winter citrus.

Flonase Allergy Relief 10

But what we love best about Fall in Texas, is that the temperature is just perfect.

Going to the park with friends is suddenly pleasant again!

Flonase Allergy Relief 11

And it’s fantastic weather for some Friday Night Lights.

Or any kind of football.

Flonase Allergy Relief 12
Flonase Allergy Relief 13
And it’s also the beginning of Fall baseball and soccer.  So as a family we spend plenty of hours outside.
Which means we’re also doing this:  
Flonase Allergy Relief 14

Remember my post about seasonal allergies?

And how most of our family has them?
And how FLONASE® Allergy Relief contacted me, asking me to share about their product….
And coincidentally we were already using it?

Well we still get our FLONASE® on every morning.
Consistent usage is the key.
For adults and children (12 years and older), ask your doctor if you can keep using after 6 months of daily use. 

Flonase in the Fall 1

I actually learned recently that allergies can be hereditary (source).  So if you’ve been using FLONASE® for yourself, it’s an excellent idea for your kids (ages 4 and older) to use Children’s FLONASE® when they have allergy symptoms.
Just make sure you talk to your child’s doctor, so you know if your child should use the spray for longer than two months a year.

The best part is….the relief is so pleasant that I kind of look forward to it.
Is that weird?  Just try FLONASE® and you’ll understand.

Flonase Allergy Relief 15

Okay, how do you manage your allergies?  Let me know in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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