Pattern: Everyday Neckties

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 1
Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 2

And boys! And all kinds of dudes.
And anyone who needs a necktie…which is most guys at some time or other.

And for anyone to have fun sewing and gifting!
Cause how many times have you bought a tie as a gift?

Well guess what?  They are so simple to make, and with plenty of cool vibes.

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 3

It’s the Everyday Necktie…for every kind of guy!
And for every occasion.

It comes in three styles: Classic, Skinny, and Color-Blocked.

And Father’s Day is just around the corner! (June 19th).  You’re gonna steal the show with this one.

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 5
Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 4

And I promise that once you make one, you’ll want to make ten more….for every dad, son, husband, friend that you know.   Cause like most simple projects they can be a little addictive.

You can watch the simple video for making these ties by pressing play below:

And Here are the Pattern Details:


Purchase HERE in the SHOP


Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 10

There are THREE SIZES:
• BOY’S TIE – 3 to 7 years old
(43 inches finished length)
• TWEEN TIE – 7 to 11 years old
(46 inches finished length)
• MEN’S TIE – 11 years +
(62 inches finished length)

Classic • Skinny • Color-Blocked

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 6

For each Tie you need:
• 1 yard of OUTER fabric
• 1 of LINING fabric
• small amount of twill tape or bias tape (optional)

This pattern is aimed at 100% quilting cotton because it’s an easy fabric to work with, gives your tie an everyday look, and comes in so many cool prints.  But feel free to use beautiful silks, brocades, and whatever else catches your eye!

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 7
SKILL LEVEL – Beginner + All sewers!

My goal with this pattern was to keep the process as simple as possible, because other necktie patterns I’ve seen feel complicated…with extra steps, interfacing, and excessive hand sewing.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly these ties come together!  And how cool they look.

• This is a 26-page PDF downloadable document – You are NOT mailed a physical paper pattern.
• After purchase you will receive TWO emails.  One is payment confirmation. The other email has a download link and instructions. PLEASE SAVE the Document to your COMPUTER (rather than a mobile device. The pattern works best on a desktop or laptop) Do a “save as” to your computer and then you will always have the pattern file—because your download link will expire at some point.
• The file size is 3 MB
• Pages print to 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (you do not need to print every page)

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 8Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 9

• By purchasing this pattern, you are free to make Neckties from the pattern and sell them in your small-scale shop, such as an etsy shop, or for a local fundraising event. No production license needed. Please mention in your product listing that you used the “Everyday Necktie Pattern by MADE Everyday”.
(and link to
• NO mass production please.

#everydaynecktieMADE  @made_everyday

Okay. Let’s sew!


Everyday Necktie Pattern – $7
Purchase HERE in the SHOP


Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday 11

New Video + New Look Book + Fabrics are IN stores!

Boardwalk Delight fabric collection by Dana Willard

Grab all the sprinkles! Grab all the fabric!….cause Boardwalk Delight is now in stores!

I’m so excited for you guys to try out my fabric collection, designed for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard
Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics

• There are Ten Designs in the collection, printed on beautiful cotton.
— Three Designs also come in Knit.
— One Design comes in Canvas.
You can see the entire collection HERE on the Art Gallery Website.

• You can purchase Boardwalk Delight fabrics in many online shops that carry Art Gallery Fabrics.  Here are a few shops that sell the collection in various amounts (if you’re a shop that also carries it, let me know in the comments!)

Hawthorne Threads
The Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric Bubb
Llama Fabrics
Modern Cloth
Peek-a-Boo Fabric Shop
Needle in a Fabric Stash
Sojo Fabric
Indy Love Fabrics
Bella Fabrics
Stitch Stash Diva
Thread Stitches Fabric
Sew Stitching Happy

• You can also purchase the Boardwalk Delight Collection in many local quilt shops.  If your shop does not carry it, just ask and they can order it.

• To get your summer wheels spinning, Art Gallery and I have created a Boardwalk Delight LookBook!
Boardwalk Delight summer fabrics by Dana Willard

It’s filled with 50 pages of colorful projects and inspiration for both quilting and garment sewing.  There’s so much to choose from! And each page has links to the projects and patterns, so you can make your own and join the Boardwalk party.

You can view the entire Look Book HERE on the Art Gallery site!
(I recommend viewing it on a desktop or laptop to get the full magazine-spread vibe)

• If you want to share your own projects on instagram, tag them and tag me!

Boardwalk Delight fabrics designed by Dana Willard

• And finally, we made a video to go along with the collection!  Because it just wouldn’t feel like summer without some groovy music and a bunch of colorful soda straws.

So just hit play below and enjoy:

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.

To watch other episodes:
• Click to the VIDEO page OR
• Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you’re updated as soon as the episode goes live.

And in other news….I have a new pattern that’s ready to drop later this week!
Just in time for Father’s Day.
Dude.  I’m freaking excited.
So get your sewing fingers ready,

Everyday Necktie Pattern by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday
Everyday Necktie Pattern for Men and Boys on MADE Everyday

Cause the full scoop is coming!…

Boardwalk Delight eat it all fabric by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday

Living in Texas: Wildflowers for days

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wildflower season and sewing projects on MADE Everyday

When we moved to Texas 6 years ago, I knew it would feel a bit “country” compared to our Los Angeles neighborhood. I expected it; I welcomed it!  But what I wasn’t prepared for….was Texas wildflower season!   Oh my, oh my.

Among the boots, BBQ joints, and food truck explosion, no one had told me about springtime in Texas!  There are red poppies, blue bonnets, indian paint brush, weeds that belong in a vase.  It’s like a small-town fairy tale, where you get to eat brisket at the end and wear dresses with floppy sleeves.  

Flutter Sleeves on MADE Everyday
Blue Bonnets in Texas by Dana Willard


I know I’ve posted about poppies and blue bonnets before (like the time the sheriff pulled me over for picking them?  Or maybe that was just for being a crazy person….)

But if you ever have a chance to visit Texas in the spring, you must.
And if want to read more about our Texas adventures, check out these posts:
Friday Night Lights
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3 days at the beach
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Shopping for fabric in Texas
Weekend at the Lodge

And looking through these wildflower pictures has made me realize a few things:

1.  The color of poppies + blue bonnets are the same as the Lone Star State flag!  Simple and patriotic.  Perfect. 

Poppies in Texas on MADE Everyday

2. I never shared these cute outfits I made for STYLO a couple years ago!  And I can’t believe how much older the girls look already!

Simple top and skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
How to add a Sash to your Skirt on MADE Everyday

The skirts are both versions of the Skirt with a Sash tutorial.  And I love how cool this fabric looks in a maxi length.  

Maxi Skirt with a Sash on MADE Everyday


This little top is a version of the Bateau Top, with flutter sleeves that I sort of threw together.  You can see the shape of my pattern piece below. I love how it turned out and how soft the fabric is.

DIY Spring Time outfit on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
How to make Flutter Sleeves on MADE Everyday

So when it came time for taking photos of the skirts, I did it like a true Texan—in a field of flowers.   Cause that’s what you do during wildflower season—gather your whole family, sit in a field, and snap pics, even if you’re on the side of the highway, or in a stranger’s yard.  People take pictures ANYWHERE the flowers are popping up.

Texas Wildflowers

So we found a gorgeous field. 

Fields of Poppies on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
Tromped around,
Fields of Blue Bonnets on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Shimmied and shaked

How to make a Maxi Skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Directed traffic?

Blue Bonnets in Texas on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

and just enjoyed the scenery.

Which leads me to point #3….

3.  There is actually a downside to the gorgeous views.

Yep.  Austin may not have earthquakes or hurricanes, but we have giant critters and plenty of allergens….which….I guess happens in different parts of the world.  But I never really understood seasonal allergies till I lived here long enough to experience them myself.  Because that’s what everyone says—even if you’ve never had allergies before, they’ll creep up on you.

Add a Sash to your skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana
Blue Bonnets and Texas on MADE Everyday

Casey got tested for allergies (he’s allergic to every plant, grass, and tree in Texas).
I got tested  (I’m allergic to Oak and Pecan).
And even poor Lucy has problems with Oak.  

I was about to delete this photo from my post till I noticed that IN this very picture, she’s having an allergy attack.  Poor girl.  

Seasonal Allergies in Texas


The itchy eyes and nose.  You want to reach down and scratch your nasal passage with a pumice stone. Ugh.

So. Here’s the upside.

This is what I recommend to any friend who asks “what to do I do about my allergies??” And I should note, you don’t have to be allergy tested to use this.  It’s over-the-counter.

And it’s the same thing my doctor always recommends to me….and the reason I was excited when Flonase contacted me to partner with them on this post.  Because I was already using their product.

So. The answer my friends is Flonase. Yep!

Once a day, every day when you are experiencing allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy, watery eyes. Use as directed. And use it consistently.

Flonase for allergy relief


In fact, consistency is the key. The nasal spray provides relief from allergy symptoms (and has a really pleasant scent btw). I used to forget to use it for days at a time, till my doctor gave me the good idea to keep it near my car keys or something that I have to reach for every day.  And now I never forget.

It’s kind of funny when Lucy (8 years old) who uses Children’s Flonase Allergy Relief and I with my Flonase for adults, do our sprays together. But hey, a family that sprays together? 

How to get allergy relief with Flonase

…can enjoy the flowers together!

Wildflower season in TEXAS on MADE Everyday site

And spend a little more time doing this.

Texas Wildflowers and sewing on MADE Everday with Dana Willard

Here’s to a sneeze-free season my friends!

What are you allergic from? Tell me in the comments below and you will be entered in a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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