New Video: Sew a Book–7 Easy Ways

How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE Everyday

Which do you love more?—paper or fabric?
I know. I know.  Fabric is probably my first crush.  But the variety of paper these days?!  There are so many amazing prints, textures, and materials to choose from!
(Thank you for that, scrapbooking world).

How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE Everyday

And since I’m not much of a scrapbooker, I’m always looking for fun ways to use those papers.
Like….sewing them? YES!

How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE Everyday

And then you and your kids (and your friends, and your friends’ kids, and kids of your friends’ kids (?)) will have a notebook for any occasion:

• journaling  •  creative writing  •  drawing  •  coloring  •
•  doodling  •  penmanship practice  •  lists  •  goals  •  reminders  •

How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE EverydayLet’s sew books! Just click the play button below and enjoy…

If you’re new around here,  MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh and fun sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.

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How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE Everyday

How to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE EverydayHow to Sew a Notebook or Journal - sewing tutorial video from MADE Everyday

Such a perfect way to capture memories… and play with pretty paper! Win-win.


BLUSH fabric collection

You guys!  My new fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics is here!
And I’m blushing to tell you about it…
It’ll make you blush?  Just blush it on?
Okay. I’ll stop.

But really, I’m so excited to share this with you!

Blush fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics designed by Dana Willard

The collection is called—BLUSH.
And if I had to say, this collection feels the most like “me” so far.  Not that I don’t love my fabric-children equally. But I’ve always had a love for simple shapes and designs.  And that’s what you get here.

BLUSH has a retro-modern vibe, with large florals, small florals, modern shapes, and—(wait for it)—cats!

The Cat Nap print might be my favorite in the batch (and it comes in knit too!)
(blushing smile emoji)

There are some unexpected, and expected colors in the mix.

And this Dutch Bloom is the design that sort of started it all.  I created the flower, repeated the pink and orange out of that thing, and made it large scale.  Mmmm.  Pretty symmetry in a line:

As I continued creating more designs I kept coming back to the color pink—particularly blush pink.
And I thought, maybe I should just call the collection BLUSH.
No wait, maybe I should call it blush?!
And that was that.

In the collection there are: 16 quilting cottons , 3 knits, and 1 rayon.

The SUMMER group:

The SPRING group:
Blush fabric collection by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics

The whole set!

Blush fabrics are in stores now. 
To find a shop, head to the Fabric Headquarters Page.

The HQ page has links and other info to keep you updated (you can always find it in the drop down menu at the top of the site under “fabrics”…along with pages for the Boardwalk Delight and Fiesta Fun collections.)

If you follow me on Instagram @made_everyday you’ve seen me share some sneak peek projects.  But I can’t wait to show you guys more!
And I can’t wait to see what you’re making too.
Tag your photos to #blushfabrics.
The Blush Look Book with Art Gallery fabrics will be released soon, with tons of ideas and pattern links. So I’ll share that with you soon too.

Until then, happy sewing!

Citrus Summer Tank–for Me!

I have tendency to do this every summer.
Right as the season is coming to a close, I start sewing tank tops like I live in an oven.
Oh wait. I do.
It’s called Texas.

But more importantly, I’m headed to Palm Springs today for our annual Sisters/Cousins trip!

So you know…citrus fabric, swimsuits, tank tops, and Thrifty ice cream seemed like the right move.

(If you’re from California, you know what I mean).
((Chocolate. Malted. Freaking. Crunch.))
(((Dude. I miss it so much in Texas)))

And I’m totally loving this tank.  I don’t sew nearly enough for myself. But already this summer I’ve made two versions of this tank, a swimsuit coverup, and I have another outfit scheming in my head.

What I love about this tank top is how easy it was to make.
The pattern is self-drafted.  And I used the Citrus knit fabric, from my fabric collection called Fiesta Fun.
Because this fabric just makes me feel happy!

And the fabric is so stinking soft.  I know I’ve said this before, but Art Gallery knits are really some of the softest that I’ve ever felt.  And I like the weight—not to light; not to heavy—just enough to keep some structure around the armholes…which I did by creating a 1/2 inch double fold binding (like making knit bias tape).  It’s similar to what I did on the Scooter Dress for Clara a few months ago.  I keep playing with my method of attaching it.  And I’m really enjoying it.

If you’re new to sewing with knits I have post with tons of tips HERE and a good video HERE.
The good news about knits, is that you can sew them right on your standard sewing machine! In fact for this tank, all I used was a zigzag stitch.  So easy. And cute.

I seriously love this tank!
I’m going to keep going with more versions.  Maybe a subtle ruffle “sleeve” attachment.

And if I’d thought it through better, I would have waited to TAKE my pics in Palm Springs…where the colors and mid-century love is everywhere
….along with barrels o’ cactus, and 100 degree weather.

But we still have plenty of that in Texas.
Have a good weekend! I’ll see you poolside!