30+ Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume time is upon us again…..which I swear, creeps up faster than 12 months each year.  Amiright?
So let’s get the inspiration party going!  Cause whether you’re doing a semi-homemade Halloween, or going ALL out, it’s nice to have some tutorials to turn to.


(Lalaloopsy costumes here)

Going as an ensemble is always a great choice.   And the Say Yes blog has so many great couples costumes that are easy and fun.  My kids have just discovered the Where’s Waldo books and would love this.


Of course if you have even more people in the group, then an entire cast ensemble is even better.

And since Lucy is obsessed with the Pink song from the new Alice movie…maybe I could do a revamp on my favorite ensemble from seven years ago??  Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Those costumes got a lot of mileage…

Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Halloween costumes from MADE Everyday
If your daughter is still in that princess stage, how cute would this Cinderella and Prince Charming combo be?!  Those times when siblings are willing to coordinate is The Best.

Cinderella and Prince Charming costumes from Make It and Love It
The classic blue gingham Dorothy outfit is one that every little girl would LOVE to wear at least once – I know I would!  This interpretation is one of the best I’ve seen.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Halloween costume from Girl. Inspired.

The 80s child in me loves this take on Mario & Luigi. Complete with Princess Peach!

Mario Bros and Princess Peach Halloween costume tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots

A couple of others that are cheerful and colorful—- Strawberry Shortcake and this adorably dimpled Tinkerbell.

Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbell Halloween costume tutorials
For all those Star Wars fans, being a Jedi is easier than you think.  Check out this and this, and channel the force from both sides.

In case your child feels like going a bit more creature than character, the sewing tutorial blogosphere has you covered there, too. Two of my favorites from my own archives – Goldfish and Bats.

Goldfish Halloween costume from MADE Everyday

Bats Halloween costume tutorial from MADE Everyday

This mermaid one, you guys. Stunning!

Mermaid Halloween costume sewing tutorial from The Sewing Rabbit
House that Lars Built is a treasure trove of costumes, like If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and this Unicorn (with a video tutorial too!).   Just type the word “costume” into her search box and tons of ideas will pop up.

And how amazing are these mummies? I love how she did the make-up, too.

Mummy Halloween costume sewing tutorial from Polkadot Chair

Or, you could go with a completely inanimate object. Fruit seems to be a popular choice! It’s so cool how the texture of the minky mimics the strawberry seeds. And the pineapple is even no-sew…

Strawberry and Pineapple Halloween costume tutorials

If you’re looking for some costume ideas for adult-aged kids, you have to visit Studio DIY. She has some awesome ones, including a disco ball (!!), Troop Beverly Hills, and a burger.

Adult Halloween costume tutorials from Studio DIY

Lastly, here are a few tutorials that can be used in MANY costumes. I can’t stop thinking of ways these yarn wigs can be used. In fact, if you’re short on time but want to create a costume, one of these wigs will get you 90% of the way there.

Make a Yarn Wig: 4 Ways - tutorial from MADE Everyday

Need a cape to complete the look? This tutorial is great and would be the perfect touch for so many costumes. Just change up the fabric for a completely different look, or choose two different ones for reversible.

How to sew a cape - tutorial from How Does She?

We all know how versatile a circle skirt can be in everyday life. But it works in lots of costumes, too. How about a poodle skirt? Or Minnie Mouse… or Wonder Woman… (and this one is even a video tutorial!)

How to sew a circle skirt - video tutorial from MADE Everyday

Ah. So much fun! Do you have any awesome costume tutorials that you’ve used? Please share in the comments!

Decorating the Master Bath…and that green chair


I really love our bathroom.
I know that sounds weird to say.  I don’t mean the actual toilet part.  But more, the bright white paint, the morning light, and those awesome hot showers that really wake me up.  That’s what I love.

In fact some of my best ideas come to me in the shower (TMI?).  Sometimes I even “type” out blog posts in my head!   Now you really know too much about me.  But I’m sure many of you can relate.  We’re busy moms, with ten people needing our attention at once, we’re making lunches, getting kids to school.  I guess the bathroom is sort of my “home away from home”?
I just savor those few moments of peace and quiet, without any distractions, to clear my head and think through a project.


The only problem with the bathroom is that it needs a little sprucing up.
Other than the green tile (which I still love) and white cabinets, not much has changed since we built the house.  It’s really a blank slate.


So for this post, I’m partnering with HomeGoods to add some decor to my favorite morning spot.  Because who doesn’t like shopping there??   It’s like a treasure hunt whenever I pop in—something new every time!

HomeGoods asked me to find some items from my local store to make the bathroom feel more “like me”.   So with that in mind, I went shopping!

And boom.  Straight out of the gates, I found these:
And. I. Love. Them.


Is it possible to get really excited about towels??

I didn’t think so, until I saw these and fell in love and bought all the towels in the store (sorry local Austinites. You can blame me for hoarding).   I just love that color combo!  So unique.  Maybe I need more so I can use them as “fabric”—for a beach robeChanging pad cover?  A beach cover up?

So when I showed them to Casey (who btw, has been asking me to buy towels forever.  We’ve had the same ones for a long time and they badly needed to be replaced. So two weeks ago he threw them away to inspire me to buy new ones.  Good move).
Well I asked “aren’t these towels fun?!”
“Um.  Yea.  They’re a little crazy.”
And I was like,


“They’re super cool!  And with all that white in the bathroom they’re going to look awesome.”
“Hey, I just want a towel, so whatever you want is great.”

I’ll take that as a YES.
He likes them.

And I think that when it comes to decorating, you need to find that one item that inspires you for the room….whether it’s the couch in the living room, or a piece of artwork, of in this case—towels!
Hooray! A colorful theme, mixed with lots of white.

I purchased a few other items from the store too and went home to decorate.


And there you go.
A more lively improvement!


Hooray for that little bench area between the two sinks.
The bathroom is also one of my favorite spots because it’s where Casey and I have many morning conversations…from politics, to religion, to rehashing zombie shows from the night before.  Often while he’s shaving I like to sit on that little bench area.  But it’s uncomfortable to lean back due to the windowsill.  But no more!
3 pillows for the win.

And, [drumroll for Casey]….
New towels hung!
Fantastic right??


Aside from those colors, I really love the texture too.  What a cool way to do the piling on the towels, in little pods.
Okay I’ll stop going on and on about towels.
Instead I’ll gloat over yummy soaps and lotions.


Don’t you love that at HomeGoods too?  There’s always an aisle of amazing sounding (and smelling) bath things.  I’m a big sucker for cute packaging.  And if something says:


then I probably need it.

…along with Mango-Coconut lotion.
This stuff smells like tropical drinks on a private island.  Not exaggerating.
I’ll wear it next time I see you.


And finally, just as I was ready to leave the store with my cute bathroom decor, I spotted this:


(ahhhh! Yes!) And that is really what I love about HomeGoods.  You can go there two days in a row and find something new each time.
In fact while prepping this post, I made two trips to HomeGoods, a week apart from each other.  On the first trip I spotted a gorgeous mid-century, navy tweed chair (a bit chunkier than this one), which I thought and thought about buying but decided to wait.  Then on the second trip, this green chair had shown up!  And I snagged it.   It’s the perfect color of green with those tiles in the bathroom.

So now it’s hanging out in our master bedroom, which is really just an extension of the bathroom, and the zombie conversations.


Thank you HomeGoods!
I love my spruced up bathroom!
It’s amazing how just a few items can liven up a space.


Are you itching to go shopping now??


Get inspired and check out this video with HomeGoods and Sutton Foster teaming up to make her dressing room feel like home!

And today we’re giving away a $100 Visa gift card!
Just answer this question in the comments:
What room in your home desperately needs a makeover?

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Fabric Winners + Fabric Love


Thank you for entering the Fat Quarter Shop giveaway this weekend! I’m so happy you guys are enjoying Boardwalk Delight fabrics and that you’re excited for more.
(above photos by Art Gallery Fabrics and by @sewhq on instagram)


So let’s get to it.
Here are the two lucky winners, with a $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop:

641) Mindy Farnsworth
Oh, this would be wonderful. Living in a fabric desert is awful.

754) Lydia
I would loooove some fabric! Who wouldn’t? 


I wish I could pick you all!
But no have no fear. I’ll be doing another fabric giveaway in November from my own stash of BWD fabrics.
So I’ll leave you with two things.

1. Eyecandy.
(Cute clothing and pics by @kneesocksandgoldilocks on instagram and Art Gallery Fabrics)


2. Today, Art Gallery is revealing their new Fall collections on instagram!….including my new collection!  Yep.  I have another collection that will be available in a couple months.  So check their feed throughout the day as they roll out new images!  @artgallery on Instagram.


Thanks for playing along!
And thanks Fat Quarter Shop for the fantastic fabrics.