Single Scoop Zipper Bag, FREE Pattern

Boardwalk Delight Fabric collection by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday sold at the Fat Quarter Shop

Hungry for more Boardwalk Delight projects?
Today as part of the Boardwalk Blog Party I’ve got a fun FREE pattern.   And it’s coming to you, from MADE Everyday + The Fat Quarter shop —-which is a fantastic online shop for all things fabric, notions, and more.  And of course it’s a great place to to buy Boardwalk Delight fabrics.

They also have an awesome YouTube channel…and so they asked if I wanted to collaborate with them on a project.  YES!

single scoop zipper pouch bag by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

(photos by The Fat Quarter Shop)

And here’s what we came up with: the Single Scoop Zipper Bag…..because it kind of looks like a little cup of ice cream with a spoon sticking out.
And who doesn’t need more zipper pouches?
Made from Sprinkles and Ice Cream fabric?


Kimberly of the FQS and I made a cool and simple video for you, with all the steps.
I know you’re going to love making these.
If you share them on instagram, tag them with #singlescoopzipperbag and tag @fatquartershop and @made_everyday too.

Okay, ready to sew?
Just hit the play button below and enjoy:

And then check out this ultra short video about the fabric collection:

Have a yummy day!
And check out more info on the Fat Quarter Shop BLOG.

Boardwalk Blog Party!

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection BLOG Party on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

My Boardwalk Delight fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics has been in stores for two months now!
Which is kind of crazy.  And really fun.
It’s such a treat to look in the #boardwalkdelightfabrics hashtag on instagram to see what you guys are making with it.
Find me @made_everyday

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

And since there’s still one more month of summer, I thought it was time to have a party.
A Blog Party!

Last month I shipped fabric off to some of my favorite sewing friends and bloggers.
And throughout the month they’re going to share what they’ve made!
I’ll also be sharing some of my own projects, more favorites from the Look Book, and just some info about the design process.


First up to the party is Anna of Noodlehead.
She and I have been friends for many years and I adore all that she does.  She’s a master at details and has amazing patterns.

Poolside Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

So when I (freaked out) about having to put a booth together for Quilt Market, I quickly emailed Anna and asked if she would make one of her famous Poolside Tote bags for the booth, and the Look Book. And she said yes!  And she picked one of my favorite prints — Soda Straws.

When I started this collection I knew there needed to be some sort of candy stripe print in the mix. But you can’t really just do “stripes”.  Well, I mean, I could do stripes and be perfectly content.  But to make a designer collection there should probably be some interesting twists and turns.

So I was inspired by a painted wall I saw on Pinterest, and turned my stripes into this:
Soda Straws Fabric from Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday blog

At first I called the design Popsicle Run.  Because if you look at the hot pink-orange version it sort of looks like angled popsicles, running away.  And since I can never pick my favorite color combo, there were many options.
I’m still dreaming about the Hot Pink-Orange one.  Maybe I’ll throw it into a future collection.
But as we selected the ten prints, I realized there was not a yellow print in the mix!  There were bits of yellow here and there.  But I knew there had to be a strong yellow design, or it didn’t feel like me.

Soda Straws fabric from Boardwalk Delight on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

So we went with yellow….which reminded me of the stripes on Soda Straws.
And that became the name.
This print comes in standard quilting cotton and also in Canvas.

And just like Anna said, it’s amazing to watch a fabric transform when you add quilting and topstitching in the mix.  So head to her blog to see more!
PLUS, you need to see the fabric she used inside as well.
I. Freaking. Love. This. Bag.

Poolside Tote Bag Pattern by Anna Graham of Noodlehead site

And then head over to Made By Rae to see her cute ice cream dress!
I’ll be talking more about that print next week.

Okay, the party’s started!  Have a great weekend!

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics

• For more info about this fabric, click here.
(there are links to shops that carry the fabric, plus a video and other photos).

• Poolside Tote Pattern, by Anna Graham, available here.

New Video: How to use a Sewing Machine! And how to Sew!

How to use a Sewing Machine and How to Sew on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

TODAY is the day.
To pull that sewing machine out of the box….or from the bottom of that closet.
Cause we’re going to learn how to sew!

I’ve been wanting to make this video since the beginning of Dana-has-a-youtube-channel time.
And it finally came together!

How to Sew and How to use a Sewing Machine on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard Sewing 101

This is your Sewing 101, introductory class to using a sewing machine, understanding all those buttons, how to sew a straight line, how to sew a curve, how to fix your mistakes, etc.

I’ve made it as easy as possible.
And I’ll walk you through all the steps.

And then you’ll be all,
“I didn’t choose the sewing life…the sewing life chose me”….

How to Use a Sewing Machine for all ages on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Baby Lock sewing machines

So come watch!
Just hit the PLAY button below and enjoy:

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.

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