NEW VIDEO: How to sew a dress

You guys have asked forever….Can you make a video of the First Day Dress??
What an excellent idea! Yessssss.
Let’s make a dress together!

How to Sew a Kids Dress | Video Tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana Willard | First Day Dress sewing patternMaking a kids’ dress is one of the most fun sewing projects you can do. I’ve completely lost count of how many of these I’ve made. It’s so rewarding! And once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take long at all.

You can make one for the First Day of everything! Haha. I love how this large scale Blush print looks on the A-line version.

How to Sew a Kids Dress | Video Tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana Willard | First Day Dress sewing patternIn the video, you’ll see how to do everything from cutting out to hemming. Even the lining and the closure aren’t difficult! It’s all demystified.

How to Sew a Kids Dress | Video Tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana Willard | First Day Dress sewing pattern

How to Sew a Kids Dress | Video Tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana Willard | First Day Dress sewing pattern

Let’s sew dresses. Hit the play button below and enjoy!

If you don’t have the First Day Dress pattern yet, you can get it here.

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  1. 1) Kathy

    I need this style for an adult!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2) Dana

      haha. Yes. It would be adorable 🙂 It would take a lot more tweaking with adult curves and bust sizes 🙂 But it would be cute!

  2. 3) Nancy

    I already made this dress and the video helps very much!! Thanks!

  3. 4) Meredith

    I love your patterns and this dress is adorable! Sadly, our daughter grew out of size 10 over the summer. I was able to figure out how to size up your shorts pattern for her (thanks, Internet!) so I could eek out a size that would fit her, but don’t foresee me doing that in the long term. Any chance you’ll start having a few bigger sizes for kiddos on your patterns? (Maybe up to size 14?) Would love it! 🙂 Thanks!!

    • 5) Dana

      Hi Meredith…..yes, I wish I had larger sizes on this dress too. Unfortunately that would require drafting of new pattern pieces since now you have hips, bust/bust darts to consider 🙂 Why are our bodies so complicated?! Sorry!

  4. 6) Kim

    I have made this dress too many times to count! (in different sizes as my granddaughter grew) I just love it; it’s easy to sew, instructions are great and it is just the sweetest dress on! Love this pattern!

    • 7) Dana

      Aww that’s so awesome to hear!
      Thanks Kim! 🙂

  5. 8) Tammy

    I love this dress! What type of fabric would you recommend for the lining? Would muslin be acceptable? Thanks for always being so helpful!! Have a great weekend!

    • 9) Dana

      Hi Tammy,
      Sure, you could use muslin fabric for the lining. It’s best to use a fabric of the same fiber (both cotton for the outer and lining, etc), so that the layers continue to wash/shrink at the same rate over time. I find that even if I have pre-washed my cotton fabrics…they can sometimes shrink a bit more as I wash them.
      But just experiment with it and see what works for you!
      Hope that helps 🙂

  6. 10) Jennylou Raya

    I would love this in a size 12 for my daughter and a 14 for me. This way, we can match with my 16-month-old! I hear ya on the darts and all but this is a loose dress and I am admittedly flat =)

  7. 11) Cora

    I love sewing these dresses for toddlers……. but……. I don’t have any younger siblings (I’m 9 years old) so when I make them for toddlers, I don’t really have anybody to give it to. Anyway these dresses are so cute. I also have a question. If you were to sew sleeves on a dress, would you sew them on the same way you sew sleeves on to a shirt??

    — Cora —

    • 12) Dana

      Hi Cora, there are many different types of sleeves and ways to attach them to a garment. The sleeves that are go with the First Day Dress pattern are sort of a cap sleeve. They don’t go all the way around to the armpit area of the armscye, like a traditional shirt sleeve would. To make a sleeve like that, the side seam of the dress would need to be adjusted a bit, so it would be a slightly different pattern piece.
      Not sure if that helped! 🙂

  8. 13) Karen Marie

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you so much! I was hoping that you would make a video about making a dress, so this was great! My mom always wanted me to learn how to sew (she could!), but I never had much interest. When I finally did, she passed away before I could get around to having her give me lessons. Thanks to your blog, patterns and wonderful tutorials on YouTube, I have learned how to make sweatshirts, shorts/ trousers and t-shirts (and soon dresses, too) for my girls! I know my mom would have loved it. So – thanks again! 🙂

    • 14) Dana

      Awww Thanks Karen! Your mom would be proud of you 🙂
      Thanks for sharing with me!

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