1. 1) lux

    If I am sewing with sweatshirt fabric (i’m thinking stretch terryish) for some toddler track shorts- what do I use as binding? Make my own?

  2. 2) Janny Kenyon

    Hello, I found your website and thought maybe you can help me. Hancock Fabrics is going out of business and right now they have a great clearance on several pretty solid colored interlock knits. I need to make my disabled daughters elastic wasted pants and would love to have her in all these colors if interlock will work for knit capri style and maybe elastic waist knit shorts. Thank you. I am in my 50’s and I am trying to get back into sewing (I sewed quite a bit when I was a teenager) but I have a lot to learn, especially about what fabrics to use for what type of garment. Thank you!

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