Pretend Pilgrims TUTORIAL

Do your kids love dress-ups?
Then make Thanksgiving dinner more exciting with simple Pilgrim costumes! A vest, a shawl, two little hats and you’re set. They’ll love you for it.
Maybe you remember outfits like these from your own school program back in the day? I spotted this photo on Martha Stewart a month ago and was taken back to 3rd grade. But there was limited how-to info. So I tried out my own version. And I knew the kids would want more than a hat, so with the handy old Frontier Vest Pattern and Tutorial I created a girl and boy pilgrim vest and shawl to go with it:
Made of felt fabric and paper, the outfits are very simple to make–you could easily whip up a batch of hats for a school class in a night. I also added a long version of the Simple Skirt for Lucy (two tiers with bias tape on the top tier).
I’m always amazed at how few costume pieces and props it takes to transform the kids’ ordinary clothes into make-believe playtime.
And for the real history purists out there…. after a little online research about the Pilgrims, I learned that this classic image we have of them wearing black/white, tall hats, and buckles is not entirely true. It’s more an artistic interpretation of what we think (or hope?) they looked like. And over the years it’s just stuck. But it’s a pretty cute, rustic look.

So….want to make your own Pretend Pilgrims?
You’ll find the Complete Tutorial for hats, vest, and shawl HERE (and in the Tutorials tab at the top of the blog)

Now time to get to work.
A big feast and cold winter is coming….
And funny enough, my kids absolutely loved playing Pilgrims. We were done taking pictures and ready to go and I couldn’t pull them away from this old abandoned barn. They carefully peeled chipped paint from the walls and at one point I heard Lucy say, “get back to work Owen. We’ve got a lot to do.” I’m glad they have strong work ethic.
We finally lured them into the car and Lucy asked, “can we play Pilgrims again?”
You betcha.

  1. So cute costumes for kids, I love this dress so much. I am preparing the costumes for thanksgiving occasion. Thanksgiving costumes varies from traditional pilgrim dress to a wearing a turkey costume. These costumes inculcate the feeling of the occasion, making it more colorful.

  2. How did I miss this last year? My two brothers and their kids are coming for Thanksgiving and we are totally doing this! LOVE. Thanks Dana!

  3. 3) María Teresa Mogollo

    ¿como se hacen los delantales y las cofias ?

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