how to make a Backyard Sandbox TUTORIAL

One Saturday Casey announced, “we’re making a sandbox for the kids!”
Um. Okay.
We looked online for a simple tutorial but couldn’t find much. So we decided to sort of wing it and here’s what we came up with…
A simple Backyard Sandbox with colorful stripes, benches for sitting,
holes to trickle sand through, two spots for holding a beach umbrella,
and lots and lots of sand.
Oh yea, and two sand-happy kids (with red umbrella heads)
We used our favorite paint colors to create stripes.
The colorful box makes our drab backyard so much more exciting.
Have you ever wanted to make a sandbox for your kids? It’s really quite easy and similar to making a garden box. We’re no carpenters here. And if woodworking is your thing, you may have better tips on proper wood selection and concept design. But I’ll show you what we did using our basic home-improvement knowledge. We spent about $150-200 on everything–though you can spend less if you use cheaper wood for the flooring and less sand. And we started with a diagram like this:

Ready to get started?
You’ll find the complete Backyard Sandbox Tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog).

  1. 1) kim

    would you be willing to share your paint colors?! love it!

  2. 2) Lea

    So cute! May I ask where you got your sand? It’s actually sand colored (not the gray we seem to have here in the Pacific Northwest)! We have a sandbox for our little one but have yet to fill it with sand as it is very hard to find non-manufactured sand, which according to CA may be a carcinogen. Ugh! Anyway, any advice you might have would be great!

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