a simple skirt; a simple tutorial

With spring and summer upon us, it’s time for skirts! And making cotton skirts for girls (or yourself) is so very simple.
The concept is nothing new. We’re making a simple gathered skirt, with an elastic waistband. But a while back I made this two-tiered skirt for Lucy and I’ve been itching to write-up a tutorial for it ever since. So today is the day!
If you’ve made a gathered skirt before then you know how easy it is. And if you’ve never made one before but have always wanted to….this one’s for you!


It’s lightweight and bouncy.
Perfect for playtime,
for sharing ice cream; and sharing secrets.
It’s a skirt that’s just, you.
Make it a single or double layer. Bind it with bias tape or leave it plain.
Make it as detailed or as simple as you’d like.
Ready to sew?
You’ll find the Simple Skirt Tutorial HERE(and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog)
Hooray for summer!

  1. As we can see in the face of the little girls, they are very happy wearing these tiered skirts because it’s very lovely, colorful and comfortable to wear. Even they are playing still they enjoy it because of the fresh feeling given by the skirt.

  2. 2) T. Lum

    your photos are beautiful! i love the denim under the colorful print.

  3. 4) fran

    they are so cute. have to make some.

  4. I am having trouble finding a pattern for my nine year olfd granddaughter. I need at least a 18 and they are hard to find. they only go up to 14 and sometime 16 but not very often.What size is this skirt. i would love to make her a couple for winter and later on. thank you so much.

    • 6) Dana

      I would check the waist size and dimensions of skirts at the store for that age group. And then follow the instructions in the tutorial.

  5. Wow! Thanks Dana. This has been so helpful

  6. 9) Emily

    What kind of bias tape do you use? Single fold, double fold, 1/2″, etc? Thanks! I am going to try my hand at making a 3 tier white one for easter.

  7. 10) Jodie

    Thanks Dana! My seven year old daughter was desperate for a Christmas skirt and although I’ve owned my machine for 10 years I’ve never actually used it; until today when I stumbled across your tutorial. It was so easy to follow and both my daughter & I are delighted with the end product. She’s already found the material for her next one…

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