KID PANTS series, The Basic Pant, Tutorial and Pattern

Welcome to Celebrate the BOY!
A whole month of sharing boy clothing, boy crafts, boy style, and boy ideas. Make sure you pop over to Made by Rae each day to see how she’s celebrating as well!

When deciding what to create for the month I thought about what I love making most for boys. And that would be….pants. The options for girls are far-reaching, with all those trims, ruffles, and skirts. But boys are often limited to pants/shorts and shirts. So let’s become experts at making them!
I created the Knee Pad Pants tutorial a few years back when I first started the blog. But I decided that everything needed an overhaul. So throughout the month, I’ll share a series of pants ideas with you, each one building on each other, with tutorials and patterns. All the styles that are shared are adaptable to any size pants….from babies up to adults. We’ll show you the ins and outs of making pants and we’ve got a downloadable pattern for size 2-3 toddler.
Today we’re starting with the Basic Pant, with an elastic casing waistband. This is similar to a pair of comfy pajama pants or a sweat suit. But don’t let those terms scare you! Even a pair of basic pants can look cool and fashionable paired with other accessories.
Elastic waist-band pants/shorts are one of the easiest things to make. I think it was the first real project I sewed for myself as a teenager. Once you figure it out, you will turn your nose up at similar pants in the store, realizing that they are ripping you off at those prices! You just need to understand how pants are put together. And then it’s like riding a bike….you will never forget.
So let’s get cutting and sewing!
You’ll find the complete tutorial, plus a down loadable pattern HERE (and in the tutorials link at the top of the blog)
This pattern is so easy and fun, you might become addicted. Use the pattern to make baby gifts, for pjs, for church pants, for yourself!
Now lounge back in style.
Make a few phonecalls,
Pretend you’re in a boy band,
and enjoy your cool comfy pants!
Stay tuned throughout BOY month, for other variations on KID PANTS.
And check out the cool Dragon Slippers that Rae is sharing today!

  1. 2) Elisabetta

    I love these, thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial….
    in your opinion could it be easy enough to make them skinny for a girl?
    thanks ^_^

  2. 3) Marie Danneels

    many many thanks for the pattern; so nice of you !

  3. Hi, I posted a blogentry with trousers using your pattern today. It´s really so good! Thank you very much for sharing and for your nice blog in generall.
    Greetings from Germany,

  4. 6) aimi

    Tq it very use full i like it

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