Snickers Salad

Still sifting through Halloween Candy?
Need to trick your kids into eating apples?
Try an old side-dish favorite….

I’m not sure that adding Cool Whip and candy on top of apples makes them very healthy but hey, it makes me excited to eat dinner tonight!
This recipe is so easy. And so yummy. It really doesn’t require a recipe. But I like excuses for taking photos of food.

Grab your leftover Snicker bars (or Milky Ways or Peanut Butter cups. They’re all yummy)
Grab 4-5 green apples. Other apples work too but the tartness of Granny Smiths are best (think: Caramel apples)
Slice them up into little bite-sized pieces:
Do the same for the candy bars. Smaller pieces are better so you don’t get a big ‘ole chewy chunk of Snickers…..not that that’s bad but they just blend well in the salad when pieces are smaller.
Throw it all in a bowl,
Toss a huge dollop of Cool Whip on top,
Mix it up, and eat! Your kids are gonna love you tonight.

  1. 1) Rochelle

    I love love love this salad! People looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I brought it to a party but, within minutes it was gone! They were fighting over it! Hilarious!!

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