Coconut-Lime Banana Bread

Sundays are the perfect time for baking. So how about a yellow recipe?
I can only eat bananas when there’s still a bit of green on the stem. My husband thinks I’m crazy. But any speckle of brown at all, and they’re sent to the “banana bread” pile. No one at our house seems to complain!
I found this recipe years ago through Cooking Light magazine, made a few modifications, and have never baked banana bread any other way.

The bread is always moist and the sour-sweet glaze on top is the perfect compliment to the coconut banana goodness inside. So grab your bananas and let’s get baking!
You can find the complete recipe HERE (and in the RECIPES tab at the top of the blog).
If Dad’s lucky, there will be a few slices left to take to work tomorrow.

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