St. Patrick’s Day TUTORIAL: Split Pea SHAMROCKS

St. Patrick’s Day is a funny holiday to me. It’s nothing to “write home” about. Yet the simple excuse to create something clever and GREEN really excites me. When I was buying rice at the store the other day, I spotted a bag of Split Peas and thought, I’ve gotta use those for something. So here you have it. My St. Patrick’s Day contribution….


They’re the perfect Green decor. You’ll love them all month long.
Arrange them on a table:
Hang them in a room:

Dangle Shamrocks from a chandelier………or link them together on your Front Door:
Decorate a Dinner Party:
Relieve your stress:
Make a mini-magnet for the fridge:
And a necklace for the holiday. No pinching here.
Or try what we love best…..
A good old fashioned “Split Pea” Toss.
Who can throw the most Shamrocks into the Bucket ‘O Gold?
Victory Dance!
Similar to our Heartbreaker Valentines, this is a great craft to do as a family and they’re so easy to make.

You just need a few supplies:
And most importantly, a lovely bowl of peas. I’ve never actually made Split Pea Soup. But I love how gorgeous they look uncooked, against the white.
If you’re anything like my husband, you may enjoy just sifting through them for while, feeling them slip between your fingers. Simple pleasures.
No matter what you do with your Split Pea Shamrocks, just make sure you’re having fun.

You can find the complete Split Pea Shamrocks TUTORIAL, HERE (or in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the Blog):

Split Peas. They never tasted so playful.
Try this technique for any holiday decor. You’ll just need to find something clever to fill them with:
* Easter Eggs
* Heart Valentines
* Red, White, and Blue Stars
* Pumpkins
* Christmas Trees

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
I also added my link to the Somewhat Simple, Strut Your Stuff St. Patrick’s Day Roundup. Some fun ideas there:

  1. 1) lila lindberg

    Who would ever think that peas could look like tha–cleverly designed as a shamrock!

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