Golden Afternoon

Sugar cookies taste great any time of the year. But they’re especially festive near a holiday.
for Valentine’s Day, Colorful Eggs for Easter, and in celebration of 3/17 the kids and I made Green Shamrocks and Glittery Gold Coins for St. Patrick’s Day:
Have a school party tomorrow? Take Shamrocks and Glistening Gold with you:
Our kids are on Spring Break this week. So we made cookies just….for fun.

I baked the cookies while the kids napped, we decorated together when they woke up, then we took them to park for a golden afternoon snack with friends:
There are many Sugar Cookie recipes out there. I’ve tried quite a few. And this one really reminds me of being a kid. Soft in the center, crunchy on the outside, with sweet shortening whipped frosting. Reminds me of the Pink Granny B’s Sugar Cookies. Delicious.
(My good friend Lyndsey the Paper Girl sent it to me.)

You just need a few simple things:
Some Glittery Gold:
And some very hungry faces:
Now load up your tray and share your fortune:
You’ve struck gold today!
You can find the complete recipe HERE.
For now, the recipe is in my TUTORIALS tab. But I’ll make a Recipe tab soon. Enjoy!

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