1. 1) Sarah

    I have a 6mnth baby boy, I have been searching the shops and web for funky nappy covers to no avail! Why so many pretty girls ones and nothing for boys?! I have printed off your pattern and instructions and heading to the material shops tomorrow….needless to say I’m very excited! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 2) Cathy Hayes

    Have you tried FOE (fold over elastic) for the waist and legs?

    • was there an answer to this question about FOE?

      • 4) Cassidie

        I know this comment is years old, but just in case someone see this and is wondering, like I was, yes you can make it with FOE. I just trimmed the pattern like she said to do when using bias tape then sewed the FOE on with a 3-step zig-zag. I didn’t bother to measure, just sewed it along keeping steady tension.

        • 5) Kylie

          Thank you for this comment!

  3. 6) muy lindo

    me gustaria k me manden todos los patrones

  4. do you use a 5/8″ seam allowance when sewing these? I just finished one and it looks a little on the small side – wondering if I’ve made an error. thanks!

    • 8) Christy

      I jus made the 0-3 last nite for the 1st time. I did โ…œ seam allowance on sides & bottom. Tried it on my baby & fit was perfect

    • 9) Amy

      * SEAM ALLOWANCE โ€“ use a 3/8 inch allowance for all seams and 1/2 inch for the casing around the legs

  5. 10) Leanne

    This is the best pattern for covers I have found as well as clear understandable directions on how to make them. Like Sarah, I have not found a diaper cover pattern suitable that I can grasp. Thank you so much for making the pattern and this tutorial available to the public. Have just returned from the shops stocking up on cheap material going for $4.00 (AUD) a meter.
    Thank you for your generosity! xx

    • 11) Niki Hall

      $4?! the cheapest I’ve found is Ikea at $12/m AUD (Spotlight averaging $16-$22. so few options in Perth, WA). I would love to know where to but cheap fabric from.

      • 12) Alex

        The sale area at Spotlight!! So many fabrics from $3-$8 a metre. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 13) Debbie

        I went to the second hand store and bought a polka dotted sheet for $3! Loads of fun fabric for next to nothing. I also bought fusible vinyl to make my diaper covers water proof (since they are going over cloth diapers).

  6. Fabulous tutorial! Such clear instructions – ideal for a beginner sewer like me! Thank you so much for your time and effort to share this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 15) Jessie Adams

    LOVE your tutorial! So easy to follow and such great results!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. 16) Leah

    This is just what I was looking for! So cute! I’m also wondering if you used a 5/8 seam allowance. The cover I made looks small, but before I try the next size I wanted to ask.

    Thank you!!

    • 17) Amy

      This is written early in the instructions under supplies you will need.

      * SEAM ALLOWANCE โ€“ use a 3/8 inch allowance for all seams and 1/2 inch for the casing around the legs

      • 18) M B Pazdernik

        It is so much easier for the home sewer to have the seam allowances printed on the pattern pieces. It doesn’t have to be drawn around all sides like a commercial pattern, just a simple phrase printed on the pattern.

  9. 19) Stella

    Excellent tutorial and a saver for me. I live in Germany where diapers covers are not an issue. Finding a pattern became a issue. Your tutorial came to my rescue! Thank you for your time and generosity!

  10. i would like to thank you for putting up such an excellent tutorial and i have mentioned this post in my blog- www. libeewhite.wordpress.com

    the diaper cover is perfect for the hot humid weather in singapore. i think i am going to try to modify the pattern to make it look more like culottes as my husband thinks that it looks like little panties on my 6 mth old boy! LOL ….

  11. Try this with stretch knits and you’ll go even faster…use stretch binding (comes in huge amount of colors) and you can skip the whole casing hassle.

  12. 22) wendy

    I loved making these to match some dress i made. also the have been handy in the heat just to dress up the diaper! not an expert sewer but the instructions on here were nice and clear and i am really happy with the diaper covers i have made ;0)

  13. 23) Denise

    I have to say after so many searches, yours by far is the best making diaper covers. I will be a new grandparent in August. This helps to find fabrics for boys & girls. There are tons of things for girls & this makes it easier to make cute ones for boys. I will be making matching diaper covers with making baby shoes. Thank You for your easy instructions & making it clear to understand.

  14. 24) Sharon

    I am also wondering how big the seam allowance is supposed to be: 5/8 in., 1/2 in., something else? Great pattern! – I plan on whipping out a bunch of these as baby gifts (for me and some friends).

    • 25) Nat Grange

      * SEAM ALLOWANCE โ€“ use a 3/8 inch allowance for all seams and 1/2 inch for the casing around the legs

  15. 26) jackie white

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. It is exactly what I needed. The one-piece back is perfect for embroidering.
    Jackie W.

  16. 27) Tiffany

    Thank you so much for this! I have a 2 year 3 month old who is newly potty trained and since she doesn’t understand that people can now see her panties, her legs are usually in the air! I’ve been planning on buying shorts for her to wear under dresses but this is so much cuter!

  17. 28) Kelli

    Thank you for the tutorial! My little one is exploding from the nether regions at the moment and its impossible to find a waterproof nappy cover to ‘hold it all in’ (10 million loads of washing later….) I have just made this pattern out of a clear plastic cot mattress protector and it’s perfect! Thanks so much!

  18. if you used waterproof fabric and added a prefold liner, could these be used as a reusable diaper?

    • 30) Dana

      I’ve never tried that before but sure, try it out! Sounds pretty cool!

      • i just got some PUL fabric, I will let you know how it goes. thank you for such a great tutorial/pattern, etc.

        • 32) Jill

          I was hoping to do the same thing, did you find it worked out well? Thanks!

    • 33) Jennifer

      I am going to try with PUL…my little girl has the chubbiest little legs and most of her covers are just too tight. Can’t wait to see if I can make it work!!!

  19. 35) Connie

    thank you for the easy to understand and simple instructions. Saw Martha Stuart’s and she didn’t even have the size… To dress up for girls add 3 rows of 2″ ruffles starting with 1st row bottom hitting at hip level then adding 2nd row with bottom line hitting at middle of 1st row, then top bottom hitting at middle of 2nd row before sewing side seams. You can hem your ruffles or just zig-zag across the bottom before sewing them on back of bloomers.

    • 37) Susan

      Omg thank you so much for posting your link. I have been wanting to make something similar. Your awesome

  20. 38) Misty R

    Thank you! I am a newbie and all the patterns that I found through companies like Simplicity just boggle my mind. Your instructions were clear and easy! My little girl is wearing the first pair I made for her right now! Thanks!!

  21. 39) eleonora

    easy-lovely-satisfactory-fun-useful….what am i forgetting? ahah: ABSOLUTELY ‘recylce and reuse’ gift for my friend….
    thanx a lot.

  22. 40) sam

    I love love love this tutorial! I have made 6 so far for my little boy! He practically lives in them ๐Ÿ™‚ So, so easy and quick to whip up ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. 41) Kathy

    Thanks for the instructions, they were great!

  24. 42) v

    just wondering did you add the seam or they are allready included inside the pattern?

  25. 43) Brea

    Sooooo disappointed! I am sitting down to make this diaper cover right now, but when I tried to open the link is says the file is damaged :/ Anybody else have any trouble downloading the pattern?

    • 44) Dana

      sorry about that! I just uploaded it again.
      Try the link now and you should be prompted to open the pdf file in Acrobat or Preview.

  26. 45) Anna

    I can’t believe that you just posted this days ago – I’ve been needing a dc tutorial or a dress that I am finishing up! thank you for sharing!
    ps – your blog is beautiful – I’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 46) Billi

    Thank you so much for this wonderfully simple & informative tutorial! ๐Ÿ™‚ I made dresses for my granddaughters but they really needed something. Your diaper covers were the answer to that problem and to the problem of what to make my grandsons. 4 grand babies in 2 years , 2 & 2, makes sewing baby clothes a necessity!
    I love your blog!

  28. I just made the diaper cover and added some ruffles. I made matching slippers. They are a gift for my youngest daughters teacher. She’s having a baby girl next month. So cute! Thanks for sharing this pattern

  29. 48) Leah

    Thank you for sharing – I am a Granny now and always looking for up to date items to make!!

    and I look forward to using all my odd bits of material up

  30. 49) Carol

    My granddaughter was just put in a spica cast yesterday. I can’t take that big diaper on the outside of her cast so I’m going to try these. She’s only 5 months old, so, maybe I can make the large to fit around the cast. Worth a try and thanks for the pattern!

  31. 50) Columbia

    can someone help me…..I’ve been trying to download the diaper cover however not having any luck at all (blank screen-also very old pc, which may be the problem)
    Any suggestions as to how to get this would be most appreciated. I have a new granddaughter that’s very tiny and petite and all her pants and some dresses are all very wide for her. I’d love to be able to make some things just a bit smaller for her

  32. 51) Amy

    The only suggestion I would make is that if you DON’T have that serger, it might be wise to bump up to the next size pattern because, if you are a beginner like me, it is hard not to lose too much fabric in that double fold around the legs and waist band. My first attempt, I ended up with a diaper cover that was misshapen and much too small. I tried using the next size-up pattern the second time and that gave me much more room for error.

  33. 52) Tiffany

    Love these! I will be making these for my DD fluffy bottom, along with a cute matching pinafore ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!

  34. 53) Nicole

    I can’t get the pdf pattern to download. Is there another link Icould use??
    I love this pattern and am planning to make a bunch for my sweet little neice that is due July 4th 2012!!

  35. 54) Alicia

    Thanks for this pattern and great instructions! I just ordered some fabric tonight for a couple simple dresses and made sure I got enough to make a matching cover. I can’t wait to make it!

  36. 55) Laura

    Had questioned whether or not to make a matching cover for a dress I made till I saw your tutorial… very, very cute! Problems getting the pattern page to load, but after several attempts I got it eventually.

  37. 56) Jacqui

    Your tutorials are easier, better quality and so much funkier than the patterns I’ve been buying! (some of which aren’t cheap!)
    But I make mine to sell so can’t use your patterns for this…such a pity! I only have a tiny store, but I think my customers would much prefer your designs over the store bought patterns I’m currently using!
    Thanks for helping me understand the processes though, store bought patterns just don’t explain things as clearly as you do so I really appreciate your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 57) Heidi

    Thanks so much for the great and clear tutorial! I have a lot of cute hand-me-down dresses for my baby girl, but many of them have lost the matching diaper cover along the way ๐Ÿ™‚ Not a problem anymore!

  39. 58) jessica

    again, so delighted to have found your site!

  40. 59) Sara

    I made a few without a serger and found that the upper band area is too narrow to cover a diaper and doesn’t resemble the photos. I followed all the seam allowance instructions, but it looks kind of like a mini-speedo. Am I doing something wrong?

    • 60) Holly

      I had the same problem. The sides are only an inch on the newborn ones.

    • 61) Dana

      Sorry about that. The samples made for the photos were tried on babies and fit fine over a standard disposable diaper. You can always add a bit more length in the top though if you’re worried about it covering enough.

  41. Thank you so much for this tutorial – I wanted to make some for my grand daughter…had a go this afternoon and I won’t know for sure til Alexis tries it on, but I’m fairly certain I screwed up the leg casings!!! My fault and not the tut!!! I won’t give up – I will try the binding technique and see if that helps any ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. 63) Nadine

    A friend of mine got me a baby swimsuit that looks identicle to these. I was so happy to find your pattern so I can make my son some more for this summer. It’s nice to know that when he’s not swimming, I can let him run around in just a diaper with a cover. Thank you for the super easy pattern!

  43. 64) Romona

    Have you made these into panty covers? My little girl loves skirts and dresses but has to wear something under it at school. Please send advice if you have.

  44. 65) Emily

    Dana, is there any way I can request the pdf file to be emailed to me? For whatever reason my computer won’t let me download it and I was so excited to get to make them!

  45. 66) Beatrice

    Hi! Excellent pattern! Question: if I don’t have a printer and am tracing it from the laptop screen, what is the length of the front piece? I want to make sure I don’t need to adjust the “zoom” before I mess up. LOL

  46. I was wondering if the pattern includes the seam allowance or do i have to add it when tracing?

  47. 68) Luv2Sew


    Try using a shorts pattern and then make a few modifications: add lace to the bottom edge of each leg; add some soft elastic (in a casing or just sew it on while stretched using a zigzag stitch) about 2 -3 inches above the hem. The look like short pantaloons/bloomers. My girls love them! And the teachers appreciate them too.

  48. 69) Julia

    Te cuento que acabo de terminar el cover de paรฑal y me quedo alucinante.
    Te super agradezco por haberlo posteado. Desde argentina, muchas gracias por compartir un proyecto tan util, facil y entretenido.

  49. 70) Kathy

    did anyone get and answer to what seam allowance is used to make the diaper cover is it 5/8, 1/2 or 1/4?

  50. 71) Krystal

    * SEAM ALLOWANCE โ€“ use a 3/8 inch allowance for all seams and 1/2 inch for the casing around the legs

  51. 72) Tara

    I am having an absolute terrible time with the leg casing and folding it over a 1/2 in. Is this just a seamstress issue or is there a secret to making it easier to sew? So frustrated!

    • 73) Shirley Williams

      Tara, Hope someone answered you, but if you pin up the casing on the legs and waist with straight pins so you sew over them, it will hold it in place. If you are a beginner, it is hard on the curves, remember elastic will be gathering that area any way. Don’t worry, keep trying you will be a pro in no time.

    • 74) Abby S

      Did you ever figure out a solution Tara? I’m having the worst time making it look nice too!

  52. 75) ZZ

    I know several people have already asked this, but are the seam allowances included in the pattern, or do I need to add them? Thanks!

    • 76) Dana

      Seam Allowance is included.

  53. Hi I have had a customer ask me to make covers for disposables rather then cloth nappies which is what I normally make and a friend recommended your pattern. Am I allowed to sell covers made from you pattern?

  54. 78) Victoria

    I’m making a Pebbles Flintstones costume for my 16 month old for halloween and could not find the bright blue diaper cover anywhere! so I bought the Simplicity diaper cover pattern….and the result was awful. Super baggy in the front, the leg holes came at a weird place that made activity time uncomfortable for her and just didn’t “look right”. I traced your pattern from my laptop screen and just used some “practice fabric” and i’m wishing I would’ve used the costume fabric because it turned out beautifully. I’m thinking I will use single fold bias tape just on the leg holes for the costume just to see if it makes sewing those curves any easier ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks so much for the tutorial!

  55. 79) Melissa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am trying to make cloth pull-ups for my toddler, and I was trying to make my own pattern using her measurements. The first try (after two hours) is going in the scrap pile, so this will help me a ton! I am adding PUL to make it water proof and velcro-ing in inserts. I just got tired of paying for diapers!

    • 80) katie

      Hi, when you made these from PUL, did you cut out front and back- or did you cut tape the template together and cut out the fabric without the seam in the bottom? I’d like to do the same thing, but I understand the less you cut and sew PUL the more absorbent it will be. Thank you in advance for your help.

  56. 81) Aubrey

    Just used this to make a diaper cover for my 10 month old’s tutu dress halloween costume. Other than melting a hole while prepping the last leg casing (not paying attention to the heat setting on the iron) it came out really well… and I was able to fix the hole without starting over so that was good. I used the 12-24 month pattern with 6-12 month elastic lengths as we cloth diaper. Here’s a link to the pic: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-7q-9LSpVX6s/UHXLQnih2mI/AAAAAAABSWQ/BlzRqbYpoN8/s720/2012-10-10_15-18-31_513.jpg

  57. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I’m new at sewing, so new in fact, I’m waiting for my birthday (2 weeks away) to get my first sewing machine. I’m praying that all my old Home Ec lessons from high school will kick in and I will be able to attempt to make one (or lots) of these. Your instructions are very clear. Thanks!

  58. 83) Mary

    Adorable! I’ve been looking everywhere for a pattern for this kind of diaper cover ๐Ÿ˜€ Absolutely perfect!

  59. 84) Erin

    DONE! Looks great! Only took me an hour…and trust me I’m a novice…haven’t sewn since Home Ec.

  60. 85) Kat

    Love the pattern, easy to follow. I am new at sewing however, and was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks for the leg holes? Mine were VERY ordinary!

  61. 86) thabang

    provide me with material usedm daily for making daipers

  62. 87) hayls

    Just wondering if im doing it right, am i supposed to add seam allowance to the pattern when I am cutting out or do I cut right next to the pattern. I made the 6-12months size for my daughter and it fit but I just wanted to make sure im doing it right as it was a little small.
    Also im going to try the bias version as i am having trouble getting the leg holes looking nice as I dont have an overlocker and that extra little fold is making it harder for me. Thanks so much for this tutorial I have been wanting to make some more diaper covers for my daughter.

  63. 88) Jรด de Oliveira

    Testei o tamanho 06/12 meses e ficou perfeito , obrigada por compartilhar.

    Feliz 2013

  64. 89) ravi

    thank you its very very very useful to my babies and i think its all who is interested to sew theirs

  65. 91) Deana

    I am totally making these for my 2 1/2 year old in PUL or laminated cotton. She is potty trained, but we need a little extra “insurance” when we are out on the town.

  66. 92) Jessica

    I want to make these so bad but I dont have a printer! I tried the whole “get a piece of paper and trace on your computer screen” but it doesnt work out right.

  67. 93) Sheridan

    So could I get a nb size diaper and trace that to get a good size??? I have a 3 Mon old niece but she is still in nb sizes

  68. 94) linden

    ive made several of these in the standard casing version. im wondering if when using bias tape you trim the front piece AND the back piece for the legs or just the front?

  69. I am trying to find a simple shirt pattern for a newborn (Preemie) to go with the diaper covers to make it okay like a complete outfit. Please let me know if there are any tutorials or anything else. I am making other for a Preemie lifelike doll for my granddaughter. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  70. 96) Sara

    I made your simple skirt a couple of days ago and love it! my daughter is only 20 months so she could still use a diaper cover and to my delight you have an awsome tutorial on how to make one! Thank you so much for your easy instructions on how to make so many things!!!!

  71. 97) Sarah O

    I just made a pair of these with a PUL liner and a cute cotton print outside to slip over cloth diapers. It turned out great! Thank you for the beautiful tutorial! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 98) katie

      Sarah- can you give more info about how you did this with pul?

  72. 99) Jill

    it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially serging around the leg holes. But I’m glad I tried it and I’ll make another one. I think I’ll just keep practicing on some plain fabric and not nice fabric I would gift to someone until I get better at it. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial!

  73. 100) Royalbird

    Thanks for this. I have been searching the web and stores for days trying to find diaper covers that don’t cost more than baby clothes and I haven’t been able to find anything until this. I’ve even searched patterns, but can’t find anything for under 6 months, so this is perfect. Now I can make my own diaper covers out of matching fabric for all the dresses I will make for my baby.

  74. Bonjour,
    En France aussi nous sommes fascinรฉes par ce patron! Merci 1000 fois pour votre gรฉnรฉrositรฉ et fรฉlicitation pour votre crรฉativitรฉ!!!

    Thanks for this pattern, it’s a fabulous idea!!
    Have a good day

  75. Thank you for this beautiful pattern! Can’t wait to give it a try! It’s just perfect to use all my fabric leftovers. Happy sewing, Marie

  76. 103) Kristin

    I made this today after searching the internet for one for my son’s 1st birthday cake smash photos. Since I refused to pay $10+ I decided to try your pattern. It turned out SUPER cute and was so easy especially with the detailed instructions you gave. I don’t have a serger but my regular machine worked fine. Thanks so much for sharing!

  77. 104) Eve

    I just want to say thank you for posting this! This truly was super easy and I was able to make a cover during one nap time!!! I’m gonna get myself some labels so that my babies will know what items mommy made for them : )

  78. Dana, thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for a diaper cover/bloomer pattern & I should have searched your blog first– I use your toddler pants pattern all of the time. Thank you for posting free patterns and easy to follow tutorials!!!

  79. 106) Aimee

    I LOVE YOU!!! Lol.. Thank you so much for this FREE pattern & tute! You’re amazing! I made your kids pants a couple of weeks ago for my 2yo. 4yo is still waiting for his, but he’ll have to wait ’til I’ve made this nappy cover for his baby sister’s 1st birthday this week. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Have a great day!!!

  80. 107) Terrie Brown

    Thank you for sharing this great pattern with all of us. Pattern companies charge sooooooooooo much for these, yet the tissue pieces are so small. You have made me one happy grandma. You are a blessing to us.

  81. 108) Mary Lynne

    I’m with Beatrice: what is the measurement of one of the pieces so that I can make sure I have the zoom properly adjusted? For example, what is the measurement from the center front to the side on the smallest size?

  82. 109) Nancy

    I adapted your pattern to use over a spica cast my granddaughter is in (she is 7 months old)… I made them reversible and used elastic only in the legs. the side seams were left open and ribbon was used in the waistband for adjustability. ties were added at the leg opening edge as well. they came out well and have had good comments from my daughter in law. its nice not to have to look at the diaper all the time as she cannot be put in any sort of ‘bottoms’

    • 110) Selena

      That sounds lovely, what a great adaptation!

  83. Thanks so much for this straightforward and easy to follow tute! It was a zip to make, and it’s adorable paired with a matching dress. Much appreciated!

  84. 113) gr81gkar

    Awesomeness AGAIN!

  85. 114) Selena

    I have just made a nappy cover to go under my daughters dress when she is a flower girl in a few weeks time. Your tutorial was so simple that my first effort is good enough to use! To make it a bit more fancy, I have stitched marabou feather trim in rows across the rear, and it looks fab!

    I started in a top corner just under the elastic waistband, put a stitch through the trim every inch or so, and at the end of the row simply turned the trim back on itself so the 4 rows of feather are actually one continuous piece. I bought 1.5m, which was just enough for the 12-24 cover, but 2m would have been better so I could really fill in any little gaps. HINT if you want to do this, put the trim on BEFORE the waist elastic goers in, otherwise it is a lot more fiddly to sew… I know for next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. 115) An

    Such a great tutorial! I’m a newbie at sewing, but wanted to try this anyway and I think for a first try it looks very nice! Too bad my little girl is already asleep now… will have to patiently wait until she wakes up the morning to try it on ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!!

  87. 116) Alexandra

    Thanks so much for this lovely tute. I just made 3 pairs! I dont have a serger so the first pair i made your way and it was tricky but looks fab. The second pair i made using FOE and i dont think it looks half as cute, it doesnt bunch up the same… (Could be my choice of colors too though – and i didnt cut off seam allowances either).

    The third pair is by far my favorite. I opted to iron down the seams (and sewing the tiny seam down) BEFORE sewing front and back together and it was SO MUCH easier and looks great! (You need to unfold before sewing front and back together and then fold back down after, otherwise you’ll lose the tube for the elastic to go through) I used size 6-12 months (with shorter elastics) for my tall and skinny 15 month old and they fit perfect!

    Hope this helps those who’ve had any difficulties =) love love the pattern! Thanks again!

  88. 118) Trish

    My DD was struggling to find diaper covers that fitter her little one. I made a couple of pairs of these for her. She says they are perfect. I added three rows of ruffles on the back. Thank you so much for putting this pattern out and for your super explaination on making them. :o)

  89. 119) kayla

    Thankyou so much for this, its just what I was looking for ๐Ÿ™‚ Its too hot for my 11 month daughter to wear tights, but I wanted some pants to put over her nappy and these work nicely :).
    The pattern and instructions are really easy to follow. I also adjusted the pattern to make some pants to put over my 3 year old sons night time pull ups ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m really impressed with your tutorial, and I love the results ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. 120) Kelly

    I love this pattern and it was so easy to do! I just made three for my niece in a couple of hours!

  91. 121) Nancy

    thank you for this…made the easy way, just what I’ve been looking for and couldn’t find it until now….thank you

  92. 123) Heather

    This is so cute! I’m making a dress for my niece who is 6 months old, and I’d been wondering what to put with it – now I know! Thanks so much for the tutorial – I may just have to make some up for a friend of mine who is expecting as well!

  93. 125) Laura

    We have a new baby in the family and when my daughter in law decided to go with cloth she told me the “system” she was looking at was $132.00 for 6. I cringed. Your tutorial and pattern has saved her so much. I making this out of PUL and lining with a waterproof pocket for her cloth diapers. Final cost was a little over $25.00 for 6 units. Thanks so much…

  94. 127) Kelly

    I love this pattern! I have made it in three different sizes for my niece! It’s so easy to make coordinating bloomers for outfits that don’t have them!

  95. 128) Debbie

    I am working on the diaper cover and I have to say I love the simple pattern and tutorialโ€ฆhowever, I had quite a bit of trouble with the first leg casingโ€ฆit seemed that there was just no way to get the casing to go in smoothly without catching/bunching of the pant fabric. I did the best I could, but wondering if the problem might be that I was using a standard machine, not a serger. I did use 3/8″ seem allowance for sides and crotch and turned up a scant 1/4 inch at leg holes, then pressed out a 1/2 ” seam allowance for the elasticโ€ฆbut feel like it should NOT have taken me so long to get to the point of putting the elastic itn==n

  96. ugh, so cute. i’m due in feb and I already can’t wait til ‘she’s’ 6 months old so I can make her some. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. 130) Shelley

    I just finished making 12 of these. Thanks for the pattern. The most helpful part of your write up by far, was where you said not to worry too much about the casings being perfect, but to just keep going. And seeing your picture of what was ok. If not for that I probably would have given up! They turned out looking great despite my less than perfect casings!

  98. 131) Lindsay N

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!! I made one of these tonight for my 7-mo old for our upcoming trip to the Dominican. It will be perfect for her to wear lounging around in the heat. I made and put an appliquรฉ on the tushy before I sewed the front and back together.

  99. 132) Rita B

    Thank you for having this tutorial online. It’s great I’m in the process of making the nappy pant covers for our soon to be born grand daughter. The pattern and instructions are so easy to follow. I adapted pattern and added some ruffles of different colours.
    Thanks again

  100. 133) Lin Sanders

    Thanks Dana! Easy peezy, just what I was looking for!

  101. 134) Ann C

    Thank you, Thank you!!! I have been looking for an easy pattern just like this as I have some really cute embroidery patterns that I want to put on the bottom of diaper covers to go along with the baby bibs I make. to but in gift baskets.

  102. 135) Becky W

    I seem to be in the minority here but I just made a pair of these and they are very “bikini like”. The sides are very small. I have a serger and used that so I don’t know what I did wrong. I have sewn for years, but these just seem really teeny.

    • 136) KP

      Becky, it could be your printer settings, like other people have suggested, it would probably be best if there was some sort of set measurement listed on the pattern or in the notes (perhaps the exact waist length of each size) to help us determine if the pattern printed correctly.
      I haven’t personally tried this pattern myself, so if anyone has and cares to share with us the EXACT length of the waist they used, that would be helpful to ensure our patterns are printed correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. 137) Belladonna F

    Hi Thanks so much ! I finally found a diaper cover pattern that isn’t the actual washable diaper with snaps and all, this seems so easy !

  104. 138) Jane k

    Hi, as with comment above, regarding sizing, I have printed this out and, as printers can rescale the pattern, it would be great if the patterns came with a gauge to enable us to check the size printed is right, eg a 2″ square, going to try this pattern looks great!! Thanks x

  105. 139) KChu

    I absolutely love this pattern and tutorial. I made one pair already and it fits my daughter perfectly. In the process of making 2 more. Your pattern sizing is right on! Thank you so much.

  106. 140) Honey G

    thank you so much for this tutorial & pattern, i have been seeing this ever since i started searching the net for sewing tutorials, but i overlooked it since my daughter is already in preschool. but now that i have a newborn (another daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ thank God for these sweet angels), i found out how handy & ‘sent from heaven’ your tutorial. thank you so much

  107. 141) Patty Gerlacher

    Super easy and cool pattern. I think I’ll sew some diaper covers for my son and some relatives!

  108. 142) jasmine

    my goodness I just saw this and it looks so simple and easy!! I am a beginner in the sewing world and have made a few items and this has to the by far the easiest instructional tutorial i’ve read! so excited to try this! thanks!!!!

  109. 143) KP

    Did anyone make these for a cloth-diaper cover? Not for prefolds, but for pocket diapers like Bumgenius or fuzzibunz? I know they are pretty thick diapers, but I’d still like to make a cover to go over a white-onsie. For the 0-3 months, I’m hesitant to go up one size, but think I would have to go up at least a couple to fit the diaper. Anyone have any tips before I experiment? Thanks!

    • KP – I’m making a pair for my son’s smash cake pictures this coming week! Cutting the pattern pieces right now, actually, and was wondering the same thing. We CD and use bumGenius diapers. I got 2 yards of fabric to be safe so for this first trial I’m going to use the 12-24 month pattern, but 3-6 month elastic lengths, as my little guy is long and lean with a big ol’ fluffy diaper butt! I’ll let you know how that goes and if I end up needing to do something different!

      I think some of the earlier comments noted doing something similar – going up in pattern size, but using the smaller elastic lengths. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Er, I mean I’m using the 6-12 month pattern with the 3-6 month elastic…woops! Can I plead “Mommy brain” on that mistake? haha

    • As I said before, I went up a size in the pattern pieces from what I thought my son would need when was cutting my project. He’s long and lean so based on the elastic sizes, I thought he’d need a 3-6mo, so I used the 6-12mo in the pattern, but used the 3-6mo elastic lengths. I sewed it all together last night. Results? A PERFECT fit over a bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper! The legs and waist totally cover the diaper and the fabric has just enough extra to fit nicely around the relative bulkiness of the dipe. Goes perfectly with the suspenders, flat cap, and bow tie I made him for his cake smash shoot on Saturday – almost too cute to destroy with cake icing. ๐Ÿ˜› haha!

  110. 147) Amy MacDonald

    Hi Dana! I really love this pattern. Can you tell me how many inches the top should measure across for the 6-12month bloomers? I’ve printed it normal at 100% and I’m trying to add ruffles (another women used your pattern and modified it with ruffles). She used two 16inch x 2 inch and one 12 inch x 2 inch. When I ruffle the strips, they are way too small for the pattern. I’m wondering if I printed the pattern too large (it’s the only thing I can think of). Thanks for your help!! Amy

  111. 148) Kim

    Hi Dana! I’m getting ready to make your diaper cover for a second time (yay!), but this time to go with a reversible little dress. I could make 2 diaper covers but I’m trying to figure out the smartest way to make a reversible one…. If you have any tips I’d appreciate it! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. 149) amanda

    I am new to sewing and have a question about the seam allowance. In the directions is states 3/8″ seam allowance for all seams and 1/2″ for the leg casings. Does this mean where the leg holes are that I measures out a 1/2″ extra fabric or is it 7/8″ extra (1/2 + 3/8)?

  113. 150) Gwen

    The crotch doesn’t match up. The front of the diaper corner sticks out. Do I just clip that off?


  115. Fabulous tute! Thanks for sharing, your instructions are thorough but easy to understand. Will def have a go at making some myself and in Gingham, I’m a sucker for all things Gingham ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Marion ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. 153) kitty

    great simple patter, whipped up one in minutes,,,, but next time i would just add alittle to the high of the side leg, making the pants sit higher around the waist. thanks for sharing,,,,, if you have a cute 2yr girls dress pattern , one with a yolk & skirt, would love to see it. cheers

  117. 154) Jennifer Rose

    Hi! I am looking for a disposable diaper cover I can make with velcro or snaps – my baby will be in a special brace that makes pulling the bloomers on and off difficult. Can you offer suggestions for adding these to the sides or bottom? I am a novice seamstress…

  118. 155) Debbie

    The side seams didn’t match perfectly and the 1/2 inch bias tape was soon skinny when wrapped over both sides of the leg hole. I had to have the amount of turn over at the top because it wouldn’t have covered the nappy at the sides otherwise. This was the hardest, most frustrating pattern I’ve used so far.

  119. 156) Jessica

    If I make this out of fleece for a waterproof prefold cover should I still go up one size? I wouldn’t be putting it over a bulky all in one or anything and I don’t think that the prefold would make it super bulky,and I want the cover to be as slim and fitted as possible. You’re the expert so I should do the smart thing and ask you first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. 157) Jessica

    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial. I have one question about the pattern. Where is says fold, do we fold along the length of paper?

  121. 158) Nikki

    I feel like mine came out really big? Even with the elastic, it looks like it could fit me. I used the 12-24m cutout. Other than that, I like how clear the instructions are.

  122. 159) Jen

    I’m sew excited to make these! I am absolutely not good at sandwiching bias tape or binding together. I’m hoping to figure out an easier way… Any tips?

  123. This is exactly what I was looking for! I have a home photo studio and I wanted a few cute diaper covers for pictures. Thank you!!

  124. 161) Melanie

    My little grandson will have bandana diaper covers. He’s due in April. I used the 3 mo size. His daddy wears bandanas every day in his farm. Now baby William will too I found that a walmart bandana is the perfect size for a 3 mo diaper cover

  125. 162) jessica

    i just followed you tutorial and it was great! My little man’s diaper cover will be used at his birthday while he is SMASHING cake!! I do have one suggestion though. If you iron the leg holes BEFORE you sew the sides together (but after the crotch seam, I think you would have a MUCH easier time. It was so difficult to iron the seams on the leg holes. But thanks for a great tutorial.

    • 163) Betsy

      GOOD IDEA!! I should have read this before I sewed them!

  126. 164) Melissa

    Hi, the pattern dosent match the tutorial. I have no idea what im supposed to do now

    • 165) Dana

      Hi Sorry…I’m in the process of updating this tutorial (I placed a note about this next to the file download).
      The pattern is same as it was before except that I’ve added small tabs at the ends to make it easier to fold the legholes under. So just follow the tutorial as is and you should be fine.

  127. 166) Betsy

    Hi Dana!
    I love that I found this easy tutorial to make a cute diaper cover! I just made one for my daughter’s upcoming cake smash.
    I wasn’t quite sure where to sew to with the new tabs, so they’re a bit wonky, but I assure you’ll cover it in your updated tutorial!
    Thank you!

  128. 167) Ilona

    I printed the pattern to this a year or so ago, and then pinned it for future reference. I thought you might like to know that when I went to follow the link, I got a pop-up from Pinterest warning me that this link had been blocked because it might lead to spam. I was given the option of continuing or not, and I did, as I’ve been here before without issue.

    I skimmed through the comments and didn’t see any referencing this issue, so I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s happening to you regularly, and if it is, maybe you know already! Still, I thought I’d tell you, just in case.

    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  129. 168) Suzie

    Any chance you can explain to someone who is not an intuitive sewer how to use the tabs to fold the legholes??? Struggling a bit…

  130. 169) Amy

    I think I am missing something – I have read and reread your instructions.

    The pattern has 4 pieces to be cut out. Do I cut out 4 separate pieces of fabric, with the 2 pieces that are labelled ‘on the fold’, cut on the fold? Not sure where the instructions are for sewing all 4 pieces together.


  131. 170) Tricia

    Hi there, I’m printing out the pattern and for some reason it will NOT print out the dotted lines that would be the waist lines. I have printed on two printers and on all settings and it just isn’t happening lol also do you line A to A and B to B or A to B and A to B ??

  132. 171) kye

    Made a cute pair for a boy a from navy and white, tiny-checked seersucker using a self bias to encase the elastic so I could omit the puckers at the leg line. This pattern is definitely a diaper cover and NOT bloomers so it looks great on either sex. Looking forward to the update with the tabs. I cut them off my pattern this time as I could not accurately determine how to use them. Pattern fit well. Thank you!

  133. 172) raven

    i need so much help with this pattern!!! my sons birthday is in 4 days and i am trying to make this diaper cover but i cant figure out what these tabs are for???? i cant piece everything together correctly none of it makes since since you updated this please help me i have all the pieces cut out but i dont knw where to go from here

    • 173) Dana

      you can just cut the tabs off and follow the instructions as outlined here in the tutorial.. Sorry I shouldn’t have uploaded the new pattern yet….but this is high on my list to finish off!

  134. 174) Lauren

    Do I trace and cut out all 4 of the pattern pieces? In the pictures I see the front and back cut out of the fabric not 4 pieces. Thanks!

  135. 175) Felicia

    Yes please explain how to piece together the new pattern. I also have a first birthday coming up and am starting to panic!

  136. 176) angel

    I also don’t under stand why there are 4 pieces when it looks like you only used 2 pieces. Help us please

    • 177) angel

      Ok I understand this is the new pattern. I’ll wait patiently until the new tutorial is up and ready…Any idea when it will be done?(so I know when to come back)
      I just cant figure out what to do with pages 2 and 4.

      • 178) Julie Ann

        You cut out the pattern pieces then tape them together. So the two pages that have the front piece, you tape them together, matching the letter A. Then do the same for the other piece, matching the letter B.

  137. 179) Sandy

    Thank you so much for this easy to follow tutorial. The pictures were super helpful. I am a beginner sewer and am so thankful for this “forgiving” pattern. Even if I didn’t get the legs lined up just right or the elastic may have been a tad longer in one leg, you can’t tell. My little guy will look fantastic in his outfit for his cake smash.

  138. Thank you, thank you! I will be whipping up several of these. This will also be a great beginner project for learning to use my serger also. THANK YOU for the tip of tracing the right size onto a new paper. Soooo smart, and this is an easy pattern to start doing that on also. Love the bias tape version also. It would be fun to make a dress with bias tape trim and then the cover also…hmm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. 181) Kayleigh

    I had printed this out a few days ago but it was from a different page where it showed you how to make it with ruffles. Where can I find the link to this pattern?

    • 182) Dana

      Hi Kayleigh,
      Sorry about changing up the diaper cover on you guys. I’ve email the old one to you. And when I update the tutorial I’ll include the old one for anyone who would like that one.
      I never did a version with ruffles, maybe you saw that on another site. But that’s a fun idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. 183) angel

    thanks for the heads up on how to use the new pattern Julie Ann. It makes sense now… lol I was clueless.

    • 184) Dana

      Sorry, I really am working on the tutorial right now! Should have it up next week!

  141. 185) EmmaJunette

    Your tutorial is great ! Thank you so much for your work of explanations and pictures. I was looking for such a model for my daughter-in-law to fit with a summer dress and here you are ! Thank you again.

    • 186) EmmaJunette

      Self-correction: my goddaughter ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. 187) New

    Is there a new tutorial for the new pattern yet? I’m a first time sewer so kinda confused lol

  143. 188) Auntie Jane

    I would like to make these for my great nieces that are in a 4T. They wear pull-ups most of the time and need some fancy pants for special occasions. How would I go about increasing the size for a 4T? Does anyone know what measurements it would be? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  144. 189) Chrys

    I love that the new pattern has the 1″ box! Pretty sure my old pattern wasn’t printing at the right size as this new one seems much bigger! I can’t wait for the new updated tutorial as I can see how those tabs will be helpful but I’m just not quite able to figure it out on my own. I’ve cut them off for now but the front and back side seams are two different lengths so I’m unsure how the leg casing is going to work now. Do I just sew to the bottom of the front side piece of fabric and trim away the excess on the back? Also noticed the new slant to the back centre, curious about that ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. 190) Chassity Hudgins

    I literally feel like such a jerk for “complaining” since it’s a free pattern.
    I recently had my original pattern ruined so I’m giving this new pattern a-go. I’m somehow lost!

    The letters should line up & make a diamond, correct? If so, it’s all good. It just looks a lot bigger than the old pattern is what is confusing me. I’m sure I’m over thinking it all! LOL

    Thanks for your help!!

    • 191) Dana

      No worries.
      I’m actually working on this post at this very moment—the update on it.

      The old one did not have a 1 inch box to test if you were printing to the proper size, so it’s likely that you were printing the old one too small.
      This new one should print at 100% (do not “scale to print” or anything like that).
      And yes, the diamonds should match up.

      • 192) Chassity Hudgins

        I loved the old one. Of course, I am fixing to stitch up the new one so I can’t accurately complain yet. LOL! Only kidding!
        The triangle to diamond had me all confused. Usually that isn’t too hard to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I really appreciate you taking the time out of your life to do this for us. It really is such a wonderful little project.
        You’ve saved my MIL a few years back. A lady brought her this horrible pair of diaper cover/bloomers & her washing machine got dye on them. They were baby pink and the dye (wherever that came from!) was super dark. She was devastated. Thankfully I pulled your page up & I’ve been obsessed with you since. I made her a really nice pair & saved the day. Well, technically, you saved the day, I just cut & sewed. LOL

        Again, thank you so very much!!!

  146. 193) Sara

    Thanks for this! PS – your website is misspelled on the pdf pattern.

  147. 194) EllenHeath

    Dana, love your patters for my 22 mo. old grand-daughter; love the shape of this diaper cover better than the bloomers I just made. I saw that someone used FOE instead of bias binding & I have some (5/8″) I’d like to try. How do you measure this?
    Thanks for your help!

  148. 195) Ilona

    Im so excited to make these diaper covers for may new grand babies my only question, since I am teaching myself to sew clothes. (I hate sewing clothes, Im a quilter not a seamstress but my children have asked and have faith in me. Im on a time line for baby photos and its my first grandson so I will try anything once.)
    If I want to make these reversible do I use the pattern as is and make a casing by top stitching it? Im not sure lol but it works in my head.
    I guess I will experiment but do one regular first then the next one reversible. unless you have a better idea?

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